2 Cruel review from August 2012 Bowling This Month
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Author:  coolerman [ Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  2 Cruel review from August 2012 Bowling This Month


Name: Whiplash Hybrid Reactive Type: Reactive Hybrid Box Finish: 4000 Abralon Color: Blue/Black Pearl

Core/Density: Dual Asymmetrical Enhanced Mass Bias: .018

RG: 2:55 The 2 Cruel uses a new weight block named the Sinister core. This core has a higher RG than the weight block used in the Cruel C51.

Diff/Flare: .053 The differential is slightly lower than the old Cruel core. That core was maxed out in flare. This core is still strong and offers over five inches of flare.

Scale: 6.5 /1-10
Torque: The 2 Cruel is a pleasant surprise at the breakpoint. There is angle that is stronger than we expected from a ball with a core this strong and the box finish of the cover.

Scale: 13/1-25
Length: The 2 Cruel is a rough finish ball that does not pick up the lane too early. Even as the testing sessions got to the hour mark, we did not have to polish the cover.

Scale:15.5/ 1-20
Back End: The back end is higher for such a strong ball. Bowlers who want more back end will want to use layouts that place the pin above the finger holes.

Scale: 53/1-100
Total Hook: Motiv’s latest oil ball is one of their strongest. What it lacks in overall motion, it makes up for at the back end.

Comments: Everything but the name of the 2 Cruel is new. The Whiplash hybrid cover is Motiv’s newest coverstock which offers a perfect amount of friction in both the oil and the back end of the lane. The Sinister core is a new design as well. This core and cover are good complements to each other. The overall ball motion is both strong and versatile, giving the ball the ability to handle a wide variety of lane conditions for all styles of play. Those with above average rev rates like our Cranker will have the best look on oilier conditions while Stroker types will like this one a little better on medium patterns. On our oily test pattern, Tweener was able to play a small swing shot, experiencing strong continuous ball reaction. Cranker had the best reaction, crossing just left of the third arrow and going around both the other testers. Stroker’s ball reaction was almost as good as the other two with the box finish. His lack of revs required a touch more surface on this pattern to give him the same reaction as Tweener and Cranker. What really impressed us was that as the oil started getting taken away from the heads, the 2 Cruel lost very little reaction at the back end. It refused to check up early and still had plenty of power at the pins. On the medium pattern, Stroker had the best look. He was able to start the 2 Cruel closer to the track area giving him a strong angle on the pocket with excellent carry. The other two testers were playing deeper on this pattern. The only time their carry suffered was when they gave the 2 Cruel too much room to the outside. As long as they sent the ball to the dry, the corners fell every time. As much as we liked this Motiv release on the medium and heavy patterns, few will get it to work on dry conditions with the box finish. This type of condition will require weaker layouts with a good coat of polish. We found the 2 Cruel to work well on our sport pattern. At the box finish, the 2 Cruel will work on fresh, medium, flatter patterns like ours or when heavier sport patterns start to break down.

Strengths: The ability to recover at the back end while creating a footprint in the oil is the biggest strength of the 2 Cruel. The ball clears the front well even as the heads get chewed up.

Weakness: Only short patterns will give the 2 Cruel problems. This is a ball designed for use on heavier volumes of oil.

Overall: The 2 Cruel offers a motion we have not seen from the Motiv line. They have filled the gap of having an oil ball that still can move at the back end.

Author:  SebastianM [ Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2 Cruel review from August 2012 Bowling This Month

hi, could you tell me please where the 2 cruel is located / rated in the 3d comparison chart?

dont want to wait till the august issue is arriving here in germany :D

Author:  SebastianM [ Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2 Cruel review from August 2012 Bowling This Month

could you tell me please where the 2 cruel is located / rated at the 3d comparison chart?

Author:  coolerman [ Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2 Cruel review from August 2012 Bowling This Month

SebastianM.If you are referring to the 3D Ball Comparion,it's rated
53 hook and 13 length.

The ball tracking test results on 44' oily

Cranker Tweener Stroker
Entry Angle - 6.4 4.45 3.88
Backend BBC - 9 8 8
Hook Power - 54.65 39.3 4.65
Total Number - 26 14 12
of Boards
Crossed TBC
Alpha Angle- 9 5.3 4.65
is launch angle and the entry angle

Author:  Bob Michalojko [ Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2 Cruel review from August 2012 Bowling This Month

Very good review! I love mine. Ball hits like a Mack truck.

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