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 Post subject: My video for the MOTIV Thrash Frenzy
PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:45 pm 

Joined: Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:50 pm
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My video for The MOTIV Thrash Frenzy.
This one was fun to make.I hope you enjoy it.And
it will be of some help.

MOTIV Thrash Frenzy

Ball stats: Core-Quadfire Coverstock-Whiplash Pearl Reactive
Surface-2000 sanded/MOTIV Power Gel Polish RG-2.55 15lbs. RG Diff-.043 15lbs.
Color-Dark Blue/Light Aqua Blue with Silver and Red logos.

My information
Ball speed-15mph average/ Rev rate- 280 average
Axis tilt-15 degrees /Axis rotation-45 degrees
Ball drilling on the ball reviewed-70 x 50@ 3 ½” P2 X- hole


The Thrash Frenzy cover and core combination creates less friction
friction than the Primal Scream. Later revs and a better read of the
late midlanes. The ball also has a much more skid flip than the
Primal Scream .The Thrash Frenzy creates less overall hook throughout
the lane than the The Primal Scream.

The Thrash Frenzy compared to the Primal Scream

The Primal Scream has more overall hook through the entire lane.
The Trash Frenzy has more length and greater response to the friction.
With more backend at the end of the pattern than the Primal Scream.

On medium oily lanes 42’ house shot on 13 year old Anvilanes.

The core and cover combo creates less hook throughout the
entire lane.But has a quick response to friction when it encounters
friction at the back end.

The Thrash Frenzy clears the heads and midlane nicely, but has a lot of
energy left to create a big move on the back end. When it hits the friction
at the back end of the pattern, it turns and doesn't quit. When the lanes
start to go through the transition stage The Thrash Frenzy really shows
what it’s made of. The ease through the heads and midlane and the skid flip
motion allows you to move deeper into the lane,and still get recovery.But
getting the ball to the dry too quick on the medium oil house shot caused
the ball to flip too hard,and run through the nose.

As the shot transitioned during games 2-3,I could easily move deeper to created
steeper angles. With the steeper angles during the transition the pin carry was
increased. The miss area wasn't so critical .The ball now had extra area to come back
without overreaction.

Closing comments:
The Quadfire Symmetric core helps supply length and decent revs,
for medium/dry conditions.With 3" flare..The ball does what it is
designed to do.It gave more length and a sharper move
downlane.It got through the drying heads and light push,
all the while maintaining a sharp angular turn at the breakpoint.

The Thrash Frenzy was best on lighter oil to medium volumes.
Medium oil volumes might require you to scuff it up some to
improve traction in oil.

Higher rev players may find they will get a great look with
with more surface on fresh oil.

The length the Frenzy gets through the heads easy,and still keeps
its axis rotation which helps to conserve energy when coming
in contact with the pocket.

Overall a great ball for most styles.Just find a condition that
is light to medium,and you will not be disappointed.

The Thrash Frenzy is a great medium lane ball,best suited for
drying house shots and medium sport shots.Too much ball for dry house shots
and short oil sport shots.The Pearl Ascent fills that role.

Angela Wilt MOTIV Staff Member.
AKA MOTIV GIRL. ... renzy.html

Angela Wilt:MOTIV Staff Member

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 Post subject: Re: My video for the MOTIV Thrash Frenzy
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:03 pm 

Joined: Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:18 pm
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Super video! Especially liked the wetter/drier comparison. Ball looks like its got a fair amount of hook in it. Since I lead our leagues in leaving one pin spares, I was truly hoping this ball would get nothing but strikes. So, I was disappointed seeing ANY one pin leaves :-) Curious, though, watching your Scream video on I'm guessing the same 42' shot it appears the Frenzy is a bigger ball than the Scream. You look to be more left with the Frenzy than the Scream. Was this a pattern difference, a drilling difference, or just a pair of old eyes which can't see the real difference? Anyway, appreciate all the time and effort into making the videos. They are really helpful to me.

 Post subject: Re: My video for the MOTIV Thrash Frenzy
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:10 pm 

Joined: Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:50 pm
Posts: 487
jerrylee300,the Thrash Frenzy fits between the Sigma Tour and my Backdraft.In the video during league play the Sigma Tour
Scream was too much ball,and the Brackdraft was too over/
under reaction.
Thrash Frenzy gave me something that worked great on
that house shot.On that house shot,I used my Primal Scream
and Raptor Talon until the 16th week with no problem.I could use
them all three games.When it gets colder out,and the heat was on higher.well the lanes have a tendency to become a whole
lot drier until March.So about 10 weeks of the season I can't use
the aggressive balls.It have used the Ascent Pearl the last three
weeks,but what I get was an inconsistent reaction and flat tens.
But the Thrash Frenzy let me stay within the oil line,and still get
recovery.The Backdraft was too inconsistent also.But the Thrash Frenzy was the perfect match for my game.

What you see in the Primal Scream video was the same house
shot.They freshly oiled the lanes for me to film the video.The
Primal Scream is stronger than the Thrash Frenzy.You see the
Primal Scream on the fresh oil.That is the reason I'm further right.
The Thrash Frenzy was thrown during league when the lanes
are drier in the winter.I used the Primal Scream during warm-up
during the filming of the Thrash Frenzy video,league play.The
Primal Scream was was too much ball.The Thrash Frenzy is
a great ball for lanes that are on the medium oil side.For anyone
looking for a ball to control the lanes when they open up,the
Thrash Frenzy is that ball.

I really enjoy this ball.I have used it on 35 year old wood lanes.20 year old first generation Anvilanes.And the 13year old Anvilanes
in the video.So far this ball has been a lifesaver for me

Angela Wilt:MOTIV Staff Member

 Post subject: Re: My video for the MOTIV Thrash Frenzy
PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:54 pm 

Joined: Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:18 pm
Posts: 245
Yeah, but it still left one pin spares to shoot :lol:

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