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Author:  housebowler [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  new to motive

Looking to try some Motive equipment. I am a 16-17 mph, med revs{325-350ish}, axis rot. about 45-55 deg. Was thinking a Raptor Talon drilled for a smoother motion for heavy oil, a Thrash for a "benchmark ball" on med-heavy, and a Thrash Frenzy drilled to "go long and flip" for when the lanes break down and I need to play deep inside. Have a Brunswick Slingshot for dry. Currently am throwing Storm stuff-Virtual Gravity, Anarchy, Hy-Road, and want to try a new company that no one in my area is using, but would like some input from those who have some experience with Motive. I only like to take a 4 ball arsenal when I bowl, so I want there to be a larger gap between balls, not just a 1 or 2 board difference. Thanks in advance for any opinions.

Author:  wyld911card [ Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: new to motive

Here is what I would do.

Raptor talon HEavy oil. MUST BE HEAVY.
Sigma Tour for med/heavy
Thrash Frenzy for everything else. Thrash frenzy is pretty good for dry too, if you can move left:D

I have bowled with frenzy on fresh oil and it did ok, not great, just ok. I bowled on med oil and it was awesome, and then i bowled on a shot that hadnt been oild in 2 days. shot 300. It was smooth man very smooth.

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