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 Post subject: Venom Toxin - Review and Video
PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:42 am 

Joined: Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:51 am
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Motiv Venom Toxin

Video for the Stone Street pattern can be seen @

Bowler: MattyG

Speed: around 15mph on the monitors
Rev Rate: 300+
Axis rotation: Med/Low
Axis tilt: Med/high
PAP: 4 1/2" right and 1/8 up

Layout: 70* X 5" X 45*

Surface: OOB @ 2000 Polished

Lane type: Brunswick and AMF

Oil pattern: Kegel Stone Street(43'), 2013 Nationals Team Pattern (40)
and 38' THS (AMF)

Review: Motiv's latest Hybrid entry is a much needed addition to their mid line performance equipment. I based my drilling layout on the performance of my Venom Strike. I received the VENOM with a 2" pin to CG. I naturally drilled it "pin under". I got more than I bargained for! The Venom Strike would actually roll out on THS fresh oil due to how strong the cover and core combo. The drilling did not help. I wind up using the Venom Strike on sport shots, such as Shark, because of it's ability to roll through anything despite it's "med/light oil" label. With the Venom TOXIN I requested a longer pin to CG in hopes of doing a weaker drilling so I could use it more on THS conditions. The Hybrid cover makes the Toxin clear the fronts where the Strike would not. The 5" x 45* drilling made sure it did not roll out. Overall I got a much smoother move off the dry without the loss of power through the pins. It seems as of late I was getting either extreme roll or extreme skid/flip from Motiv. This ball was exactly what the doctor ordered. On fresh I could play right and dryer conditions I wasn't forced in front of the ball return. Due to the Hybrid cover I am sure I could tweak the surface to get better reactions on different conditions but as of now the 2000 polished OOB surface is great.

Experience on 43' fresh pattern (Stone Street): This pattern is what I try to use in all my videos. It is not an easy THS but it is not the most difficult either. I was very limited in the zone I could play because of how "clean" the cover was and the overall length of the pattern. I got so much more length than the Venom Strike. I had to be more precise with speed and rotation or the ball was behind the headpin. Defiantly not a big monster ball! Would NOT be my first ball out the bag on this shot if I had to choose. Those with a bit more hand might disagree though. I could have knocked the polish off and got a better reaction but I wanted to keep it "box" for testing.

Experience on THS (38'): This is my "Giant Wall" that I get to bowl on in league. It drives me nuts because no good shot goes REWARDED. Everything is over/under and no one who has more than a 200 rev rate can stay in one zone too long with out things going wrong. I usually can only use something like my Thrash Frenzy drilled very weak. The Venom STRIKE rolls out about a foot past the arrows or I have to play 25 at the arrows to 12 at the break point with every drop of speed I got. Not my cup of tea. The Venom Toxin gave me the ability to stay in the "Track area" all nigh with very little adjustment to keep it striking. The entry angle was not as good as the Thrash Frenzy but it was much easier not to leave a split when I missed a board or 2. I was able to stay out of trouble and score well when everyone around me was scratching their heads.

Experience on 2013 Nationals Team Oil Pattern: First let me say that the bowling center does an amazing job at replication oil conditions for Nationals. About as close as your going to get without actually being there. The key to this pattern is to play as close to the O.B. on the right as you can, for as long as you can. Due to the volume difference between Stone Street and the Nationals pattern I though I was going to be in troubleā€¦ I wasn't. This ball moved so well off the spot. I think it was the fact that the pattern was 3' shorter. For whatever reason, this ball was amazing. A miss inside and it still held, while a board into the O.B. seemed not to matter either. As the patten broke down I was able to just make 1 and 1 moves left and the reaction held. Shot a little over 700 with no warm-up. Played 7 @ the arrows to 5 @ the breakpoint to start. I would highly recommend getting one of these if you are heading out this year. With the new conditions this year, this is what it will take to score!!

Conclusion: I really see the need for the Toxin in the line-up. In my opinion I would place this ball above the Thrash Frenzy not below it, on the Motiv Ball reaction chart. It is stronger due to the core shape, regardless of the flare potential. The color is not as vibrant as the pictures look on-line but it is still gets people starring at it on the ball return.
Lower rev player might want to drill this ball with a bit shorter pin to see the best reaction.
Tweeners are free to make the pin to pap distance dictate how that want the ball to read, either early or later.
Crankers will love this ball with a longer pin.
Still not crazy about the synonyms for names, but whatever.

BowlerX staff member

 Post subject: Re: Venom Toxin - Review and Video
PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:19 am 

Joined: Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:55 am
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Location: Madison, WI
Thanks for the great video and review Matt. You continue to be the best staff tester on all the Motiv staffers in that most can relate to your average revs and stats. I can get a real idea on how a said Motiv ball will react for me.


 Post subject: Re: Venom Toxin - Review and Video
PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:09 pm 

Joined: Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:51 am
Posts: 36
Thanks so much Scott. Glad I can help.

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