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 Post subject: True or false:You make the decision
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:10 pm 

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True or false:Knowing how a ball is "best used "is more valuable than knowing what a ball does.

 Post subject: Re: True or false:You make the decision
PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:59 pm 

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Interesting question but I would say false. Unless you know what a ball can do it would be difficult to decide how to best use it. All of us have an "A" shot and probably "B" and "C" shots. If your "A" is 15 to 6 then back up you could get any ball made and throw your shot. You will be disappointed, however, if you happened to buy a Sniper. I guess you could make any ball do anything with drilling, finish, and picking your lane condition but that would seem to make bowling a lot harder than it already is. To me ball capability and style work together to create your "A" game. Knowing what the ball can do makes it easier to match it up to your style.

 Post subject: Re: True or false:You make the decision
PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:34 am 

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False - Please tell me what it does.
That gives me more information. I'm going to use it for situations for which it was never intended no matter what its best use is. If I know what it does, then I'll be able to figure what's going on.

 Post subject: Re: True or false:You make the decision
PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:48 am 

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False - How can you use something if you do not know what it does?

You have to have the info to make the best decision

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 Post subject: Re: True or false:You make the decision
PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:55 am 

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It is a trick question, as these terms can be one in the same. I drill a ball with the use in mind.

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 Post subject: Re: True or false:You make the decision
PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:37 pm 

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Here is the article that the above topic came from.It's from BowlU

I think the first think you need to understand when trying to sort through the many ball options available is some people have a need while others just want, and both are fine. If you fit in the need category you need to think of your arsenal like a tool chest or a set of golf clubs, and that is where knowledge and experience become a huge advantage. While mechanics and golfers have the ability to buy organized or structured sets, bowlers can not. Bowlers are forced to sort through the confusion surrounding a grab bag of options. Bowlers have been without an effective method of sorting through the options...until now! Imagine a mechanic trying to purchase tools without the identification methods used in the tooling industry or a golfer searching through all the club possibilities without having a structured system of identification.

Of course it is not as easy to recognize the physical differences in bowling balls as it is in tools and or golf clubs considering they must all be the same size and shape. The fact remains a bowler needs a method of sorting through the differences and BowlU has used the resources of Rick Benoit to find the answer. From a coaching perspective Rick has developed is own way and shares it with the BowlU team. In the Arsenal Building section you will have the opportunity to see how Rick has been organizing arsenals for the elite players around the world. No matter what level of competition a bowler is at, this method of arsenal building will work. First lets understand some basic groundwork before we get started.

First it is our opinion that bowling balls need to "Earn" their way into an effective arsenal. This involves spending the time neccessary to understand how the ball is best used. Out of the box bowling balls need to be "broken in" that does not mean they can not work out of the box it means that the condition they are in out of the box can never be duplicated. An "out of the box" bowling ball is porous and has never been exposed to the lane conditioners and other environmental substances that will fill the voids of this porosity. In a matter of time the "out of the box" bowling ball will reach a range of reaction that can be identified as "broken in", "acclimated" or "mellowed out" to a point where it reaches a more consistent reaction characteristic. Liking a ball "out of the box" is possible but to expect it to remain that way is not possible.

It is a wise bowler who realizes this and avoids making too quick of a judgement on their "out of the box" purchase, unless they just have a lot of money that they don't mind spending. Because the only way to duplicate the "out of the box" reaction is to buy another one. (and even then I would not guarantee the reaction to be the same). Lets fast forward to the time period where the bowling ball has reached the stage that it can be considered "broken in" ( I would say about 10-20 games or so). After this amount of games a bowler can start to understand where this ball fits into their arsenal. At this point we will introduce another BowlU theory for understanding ball motion. It is not as important to understand what a ball does as it is to understand how a ball is best used.

Remember this: "Thinking how a ball is best used is more valuable than thinking what a ball does."

This coordinates with the understanding that bowling is...always has been...and always will be about transition. Knowing what a ball "does" for a short series of shots is not as important as knowing how a ball is best "used" through transition. A ball that looks good to a bowlers eyes for a short series of shots will get that bowler in trouble. It is much more important to identify what a given ball can be relied upon to do for a longer series of shots. In time bowling balls identify them selves not by what they do but by the way they react to the transitions a bowler experiences..

In the BowlU method of building an arsenal we teach good ball motion never changes. Which basically says the bowler should know what good ball motion is and build an arsenal around good ball motion. The reality is that too many bowlers are looking for a "Magic ball" instead of taking the time to learn what good ball motion is. The artistic way of learning this is less confusing than trying to figure out the scientific equations of the numbers and graphs used within our industry. When building an arsenal we want to see shapes and angles and identify which shapes and angles match up to our style. Because of this you will find that the BowlU method of "Building An Arsenal" starts with identifying the shapes and angles that are beneficial to bowlers styles.

As a coach I highly recommend you spend time understanding what shapes and angles match up to your style so you are better equipped to identify the ball motion that will benefit your game. When you have a clear picture and are able to communicate using these observations you will be on your way to eliminating the confusion of the ball choices.

Even though a golfer can get the ball on the green with a variety of clubs their scores improve when he understands the shapes and angles that match up to their game. While a mechanic can get the job done with several different tools he spends a lot less time and makes a lot more money when he uses the right tools. Bowling is the same.

But first you should spend time knowing what good ball motion is and after years of experience I found that the quickest way to improve a bowler is let them know that the worst ball motion you can have is a ball that goes too long and reacts too hard...which is contradictory to most bowlers instincts. Bowlers over focused on amount of hook will spend years of frustration worrying about scores and carry percentages. The BowlU method of teaching good ball motion works and we invite you to start making better choices by exploring the "Building An Arsenal" section and just start looking at the shapes and angles that you might be missing out on.

Angela Wilt:MOTIV Staff Member

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