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 Post subject: Image conscious staff members!!!!!!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:23 pm 

Joined: Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:08 pm
Posts: 285
I really like the staff that MOTIV has put together.When MOTIV
chose the staff they really looked into what each and every person
could bring to the table.They did not go out and just get numbers,
they got humans, that really love the bowling industry as a whole.
Every staff member at MOTIV can help the company in many ways.
They have great bowlers, but they have even better people. Some
staff members from other companies that I know ,or are
acquainted with,are a total embarrassment to the company they
are on staff with.I don't think it's smart to post some of the things
they do on Facebook or other bowling chat sites.Also at tournaments
and leagues,they show themselves to be nothing but drunk and rude people.In the pro shops that the own or work they are not helping
their company with the things they say and do.As coaches they
fall short of offering any real value to their company.Some of
these people are just picked on what their scores are,this
way people see them putting up big numbers and may want
to purchase the next great thing.Well let me tell you,that this
has just the opposite effect when people see the actions of
these bowlers.Now take my word,I have been involved with
the bowling industry for twenty five years and more people than
you may want to believe are turned off by this type of behavior.

Now I know we are not perfect as humans,but when these rare
moments of imperfection show up,it's will more easily be forgotten
than the person that is doing these things on a regular basis.
I know people want to see real emotions and feelings,not
just corporate images,but they also want people that respect them
as people also.Why do you think PB III is still with the same
company after all these years.It is still about image and personality.
MOTIV has chosen wisely.Now everyone one of you need to keep
doing the things that MOTIV chose you to do .Keep up the fine
work.And good luck in the coming months.
Thank you Scott,for picking such a fine group of people to
represent MOTIV.

 Post subject: Re: Image conscious staff members!!!!!!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:28 pm 

Joined: Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:51 am
Posts: 124
Location: Rochester, NY
I have been around bowling for a good majority of my life, several of my family members have always bowled, however I am the only one to ever take the next step an attempt to become competitive. I must say that of all the companies I've researched I have never come across such a helpful and knowledgeable group. When I say group however I am not just referring to the staff on the books for Motiv, its the Motiv-nation as a hole that has truly impressed me and sold me on the products. As far as the staff goes, I have a few times crossed paths with JustinWi, now even though when I first met him I was not a Motiv fan yet, he still caught up with me after drilling a Track ball a few days later when we both happened to be at the same alley. He took time away from his own bowling to watch a few frames and led some pointers. Further more anyone who crosses paths with this forum on a regular basis has read several posts from Justin and all the other staff members, each post including very in depth answers and examples, I always send people here with questions that i feel someone can answer. (no Justin did not put me up to this, just a way to say thanks.)

As far as the the rest of Motiv-nation, well its just as impressive to me as the staff. When ever I catch up with someone throwing Motiv or someone notices my arsenal, it always sparks a good conversation and whether it be an surface adjustment or just a new contact in the community, you always leave with something. Recently after bowling in my first tournament a friend introduced me to Phil Kaiser (often seen on these discussions). Me and Phil were paired together and throughout all 3 games we discussed Motiv equipment and layout/surface variations. Luckily I can now bounce questions off of Phil (far more knowledgeable in bowling then I) and I've made a contact in my area that shares a passion for bowling and Motiv. In a small area such as Rochester NY, and with in only a few months I've already met two hardcore Motiv nuts, one staff and one fan. Judging from the growth and activity on this forum I'd imagine this can be seen anywhere you go.

And no.... no one put me up to this, I am not trying to kiss ass, just throwing a few names out there that I personally have been impressed by after getting my hands on Motiv.

Colton Tinsmon
"Wanna be bowler"

Motiv-ate your game

Sig T soon I hope, Maybe a Raptor for X-mas

 Post subject: Re: Image conscious staff members!!!!!!
PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:09 am 

Joined: Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:36 pm
Posts: 6
Location: Dover Plains,New York
I too would like to say what a positive experience i've had with Motiv and its fine people.Recently i bought my 3rd Motiv ball a GT1.I have the TX1 and the red QZ.Long story short after drilling up the GT i had problems with the reaction and how it was tracking.I made a call to Motiv and talked with Scott Wilbur for about an hour and he put me in touch with people in the know.I appreciated the fact that he made the effort to return my call and help to rectify my problem.It's not often a person so high up in a company will take time out from what is probably a busy schedule for them to take that much time talking to a house bowler.Thank you Scott you have made me a customer for life.BY the way Motiv-nation i have it on good faith there is a new ball in the works and its gonna be awesome.I cant wait :D :D :D

GT1,TX1 and QZ1 ........ Next?

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