MOTIV balls work best for you...................
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Author:  coolerman [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  MOTIV balls work best for you...................

...... on what,lane surface wood or synthetic,(company).
What condition it is in(newer or old and worn).
and what are the patterns.House shots and sport.
Drillings and cover alterations.
Also in this equation:What style of player are you.Include
rev rate,speed,tilt,axis,if possible.

Drilling MOTIV and throwing MOTIV I have a good idea
what works for individual styles.I just want extra input
for my sake ,and every person who throws MOTIV ,and
others who my come to this site looking for this type of
This type of information my help perspective MOTIV
customers to understand what MOTIV balls may fit their game.

Thank You !


Author:  captmike02 [ Wed May 19, 2010 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MOTIV balls work best for you...................

Mostly synthetic, sometimes wood, both HPL and Pro-Anvil. I bowl on both house and sport conditions.

420 ish RPM
16 -17 MPH
Variable tilt and rotation (what ever makes them all fall)

I have to say that my base three ball arsenal is:

Storm Natural - 4x4 layout with a P1 hole, 1000 grit, or what ever works for the pattern.(have to use this until Motiv makes a strong urethane. Sorry Scott it's bailed me out of trouble to many times)

QZ1 Red - Reco layout, 2000 grit with light polish. (Favored ball right now on almost everything)

TR2 - 4x4 layout with a P1 hole, 4000 grit or what ever works for the pattern. (same reaction but stronger mid lane then my QZ1)

Expanding on that I also have at the ready:

TX1 - Leverage layout P3 hole, 4000 grit. (gets used often on shark, scorpion, and chameleon).

TX1 - 5 1/5 pin to pap above fingers, 1000 grit ( Up the boards on the sport shots)

GT1 - Leverage P4 hole, Polished. (used when I need to control hooking back ends, and the heads are flooded)

GT1 - 4 1/2 pin to pap above fingers, 2000 grit lightly polished. (used when I need a long and strong controlled hook on heaver oil).

SX1 - 5 1/2 pin to pap under the fingers P1 hole, 2000 polished. (If I can get it up the 5 board on the sport shots you might as well give me your bracket money :lol: )

Hope it helps

Unofficial Motiv staff member ;)


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