MOtiv cruel c51????
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Author:  Tim Gerad [ Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MOtiv cruel c51????

I recently purchased my first Motiv ball in early July, an SR2 which I love. Its great on a THS, and I had mixed results on the Scorpion pattern with it...the only PBA pattern I tried it on thus far.
I am trying to "freshen up" my arsenal for the upcoming season, and my question is ...would the Cruel be a good addition, or should I go for somwething a little tamer like the GT1, or the TR2.

I bowl on wood lanes most of the time, is the Cruel too much ball for beat up wood lanes?

I really don't have a real aggressive ball in my bag, which consists of,..
Lane Masters Sting (solid reactive)
Motiv SR2
Roto Grip Mystic (particle pearl)
Roto Grip Saturn ( solid reactive, mild)

Thanks in advance

Author:  Bob Michalojko [ Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MOtiv cruel c51????

First, welcome to Motiv-nation. Glad to have yet another bowler "see the light" and throw Motiv. Answering your questions is alittle difficult w/o seeing you throw & knowing all your vitals. I will give you my experiences w/balls in question. My house is also wood although I would not say it is beat up. I am one of the few Sr. representatives here and as such I am somewhat rev-challenged. I am a tweener that is comfortable from 3rd arrow out. For me, the 4th arrow is only there to help w/lining up spare shots. :) I have thrown one of the proto-type Cruels and as a general rule it is more than I need on a THS. However, I think it is a freakin' awesome ball because it gives me that extra bite & motion on the b/e when the lanes have some juice on them. I need that kind of help & the Cruel gives it to me. The GT1 would be more apt for THS. It has a great coverstock w/mild core. No flip to this ball! Smooth & continuous all the way. As far as the TR2, I do not match up well w/the Thrust core, although I did throw it well in Reno this year. If you are solid & stay up the back of the ball like Spangler, you will do very well w/it. He loves the Thrust core!

Hope this helps & best of luck to you.

Author:  Jaydubbayu [ Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MOtiv cruel c51????

If you bowl on your typical house shot, and the Sr2 works for you well most of the time, get the Cruel for when they're either WET, or when getting inside the track benefits you. I like using aggressive balls and just moving left of everyone else. That usually creates swing area, as well. When you're on an average league, there's 10 right-handers on your pair of lanes, all burning up the track. You can either get left or right of that... I prefer left.

I also just have the sr2 as my only motiv ball. I plan on buying the Cruel, and the Recon, and I think, personally for myself, that's a pretty good 3 ball arsenal. I don't like lugging 8 bowling balls with me to the alley!
Recon - Dry, short patterns
Sr2 - most average days on a THS
Cruel - Wetter lanes
Plastic ball - for spares (or summer leagues... DRY!!)

Info: I'm a slight cranker/tweeter, don't know my axis tilt. I throw about 17 mph most of the time. Just to compare to yourself.

Hope I helped, good luck!

Author:  Phil Kaiser [ Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MOtiv cruel c51????

I'm going to throw my vote in here for the QZ red. I have one drilled pin up and have found it to be a ball that is useful on many conditions. I also like the SR2's. I had one pin up and liked it. I now have one pin down that rolls well also. Like Bob, I too did not match up well with the thrust core. However, others love it. Giving advice on what ball to drill up is tough. Is there any chance you could post a video. It would really help.

Author:  Tim Gerad [ Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MOtiv cruel c51????

Thank You everyone, and I'm sorry..I don't have the capabilities to post a vid.
I realize its difficult to analyze someones bowling style without seeing them bowl, I wast just wondering your general opinion of ball choices one would carry with them to league.

I guess I'm more of a stroker, I like tp play straight up the 5-7 board, but I can play inside too if need be. I don't have a ton of revs, average I'd say with average speed 16-17 mph.

I am going to get another Motiv ball, just not sure at this point which one, but leaning towards the GT1. I mneed something just a little stronger than the SR2 to replace My LM Sting.

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