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 Post subject: Re: cruel drilling
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:09 am 

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OK Jim Drilled the GT1 last night and took it to the lanes tonight, here's what I had to say on youtube.

If your a Rev dominant player and have a tough time using strong core/cover balls, give this a try. I did mine with the 4 inch pin to pap b/c it was pluged and I was afraid the ball wouldn't be legal after the 6 inch pin to pap drilling. I put the 3/4 inch hole on the line through the pin and CG 2 3/4 up from the pin like in Jim Huddlestons video. Did it at 2 3/4 b/c I didn't want to drill into the GT1 logo. Ball rolled great, used it for 6 games and averaged around 225. Didn't blow the place up but I wasn't Mr. Consistency tonight either. Fist time I could use a GT1 for more then two games on a house shot, and put up any large numbers. Once I got the ball to read the midlane a bit it started to turn up and take off but not over react. I just may be able to use this when It's an over under night, and maybe even on the PBA shots. This isn't the end all of drillings but as I mentioned heavy handed players should give it a try. My degree layout sweet spot is around 130, but I never though a 15 degree VAL angle would fit in that 130 range for me.

Compare this video to my other GT1 video from last year, big difference on the midlane and on the back end. The other GT1 would burn up. Pin to pap on the other GT1 was close but the angles are way different.

120x4x15 GT1 ... khUBWBc3GA

My old 4 1/4 pin to pap GT1 video

Jims GT1 video

My layout looks like Jims b/c our PAPs are so different.

kudos Jim, I'll update everyone when I throw the ball on the PBA shots.

P.S. It was at 4000 grit without polish and still backended :o

Motiv Staff

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 Post subject: Re: cruel drilling
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:02 pm 

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for sharing. I'll take a better look at this when I'm at home. (We're firewalled from video here!) But going on the numbers, I'm interested.

I'll share my GT-1 layout, which I love. I'm about 420 RPM and getting it lower slowly. MY PAP is 4¾ x ¾ up.

Warning to all you strokers out there. This probably won't work for you, unless your lanes have tumbleweeds rolling over them and you still want to go straight!

I went the other way a bit over a year ago and laid out the 2½" pin GT-1 triple arc, pin 5 5/8" to PAP, derived MB 2¼" to PAP. Angles are 30° x 5 5/8 x 70°. With my 4 29/32" span and PAP mentioned above, that gets the pin just south-west of my middle finger, with the CG just into the positive and derived MB on the VAL, 2¼" below the PAP. (See below.)
GT-1-1.jpg [ 64.22 KiB | Viewed 1863 times ]

At 2-4000 surface, (some surface is critical to this layout) this ball is super clean through the front and just sits on the midlane, followed by a tight arcing backend. It hits like a truck. When it hits anyway. As you can imagine, any ball storing that long isn't wild about the long wet stuff. It's a handy piece for playing out or blending our BHS (blocked house shot), although I must admit I don't like wasting it on league.

An interesting quirk is that the low diff ball and layout combo with a strong cover makes it ideal for playing sport shots when they get a bit of a track burned in, as I can play right to left with my hand straight up and backed out a bit and it's unreal. Averaged 240 for the last 4 at an event on Autobahn in Sydney a few months ago once I worked out that little trick as there's no squiggle when you're pointing 9 board! Felt like I was a kid with plastic again, except that the deck just exploded on impact!

Back on topic, though. I wonder how this layout modified with a larger drilling angle would go on a C-51 for the higher rev "midlane-challenged" player? My current C-51 is 55° x 5 x 50° and is great until the mids go or I need to move deep. Probably answered my own question as the current one is in danger of clipping the thumb - on the backend from track flare.

I'm more and more impressed with Motiv gear with every release...
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 Post subject: Re: cruel drilling
PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:39 pm 

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thanks for trying it a new one that works as good or better then that one ...more pop of the spot...130x4x80...super high numbers shouldnt need any weight hole at all...goin to do a video soon ..should be gettin the qz2 monday the18th...ill put it on that to see what it does...i did put it on the cruel, works really good ...thanks again for trying the layout

jim huddleston

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