Justin Please help layout my primal for my arsenal
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Author:  stickman [ Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Justin Please help layout my primal for my arsenal

Justin, Hello. !
I was on the website, and I have been working with Kellytehuna who has been helping me layout some of my equipment suing the Dual Drilling method. When I asked him to help me figure out how to layout my PRIMAL Tv4 he made a few suggestions, but said to first check with the best guy at Motiv; you. Kelly has been very helpful, so if he trusts you so do I.
Here are a few things I'd like you to consider before you suggest a layout. For your information Ive included the balls I currently have and their specifications, Ill also include my specs, which only the pap seems correct, but the layouts I have drilled seem to fit me perfectly, as they do exactly as predicted. My specs get iffy when I try to calculate my tilt, and axis rotation, which seem to be changing.

Now Kellytehuna has recommended that I drill the Primal Tv4 to read the mid lanes. I have been currently been drilling all my gear to have the most hook and I love a great backend reaction. But since this will be the strongest piece of equipment I own, he is recommending a midland reader, so I can manage the pocket, push out the oil , so that when I ball down I can throw a wear skid flip ball there and have a huge hole of room.

If you watch the video of you, I have a similar tilt and rotation, but just about 1/2 as much. Im pretty sure my speed goes from about 14- 17 mph as the day goes on.
My specs are :
If we average your stats to 17mph, 370rpm, 45-60° rotation and 17° tilt, then you are slightly rev dominant with medium tilt and rotation. That gives you 100°±20°, 2:1-1:1 and 2"-4" both sym and asym.

Your benchmarks are
60° / 3.25" / 40°
65° / 3.25" / 35°

Based on your description of what you want out of the ball. I would say something like 60° / 4" / 30°, P3 <---- this was for a ball I wanted to go long and have more backend. It was perfect, but I did not add the p3 hole .

I am also very medium in speed, track and rotation. I throw up the back as my first shot, but can go on the side as I need more hook.


My current arsenal will includes 16lb

Primal TV4 undrilled (symmetric) med/heavy
Hammer Swagga 20/3"/80 (asymmetric) old heavy
Hammer Blue Silver taboo 45/4.5/45 (asymmetric) med-heavy
Hammer Arson 70/3.25/30 (symmetric) med-heavy
( I love that widow core fyi)
Storm Frantic Undrilled (symmetric) medium (you can suggest layout if you'd like)
Ebonite Cyclone 60° / 4" / 30° (asymmetric) medium
Hammer Nail 70/3.25/30 (symmetric) med-light
Ebonite Cyclone 60° / 4" / 30° (asymmetric) medium -light

So the Primal Tv4 is my first Motiv ball, and Im just so unfamiliar with the line, but in the last week I've seen these things hit and score like crazy. I just had to get me my first.
Of course we are talking a midland read, but please give me all the ball has to give as well. Kellytehuna thinks something like a 50/4/50 drill for me.

Thank you for even reading this. Your product has me really excited !

Author:  JustinWi [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Justin Please help layout my primal for my arsenal

The Primal likes straighter angles on the lane the more rev dominant you are because of the very textured cover. You will see the best look and carry out of a 60x45@5". Tweak the CG so it is legal with no hole and see how it rolls, we can tune with a hole. Sorry it took a few to get back to you, been a busy week :)

Author:  stickman [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Justin Please help layout my primal for my arsenal

Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately I could not wait to drill this ball up. I ended going with Kellys suggestion of 50/50, but I placed the pin at 4.25 as I am looking for a mid lane roll. Your suggestions, well I saw this reaction on your primal video and liked it the best. However, I know I don't have as many revs as you so thats another reason why I leaned toward the 50/50 4.25" layout.

As far as this ball, I have just added a few symmetrical balls into my arsenal and I must say that this ball is outstanding. It certainly likes to have a little oil under it, and when it does it hits like no other ball I own. Currently, if I push a shot out to the gutter, it still comes screaming back and carries the ten pin. Im not sure if that is the new ball syndrome, or a wonderful product attribute. Either way I am enjoying it now.

When I say this ball hit like no other, I'll give you an example. My hammer nail destroys the pocket. The noise is booming and the pin carry goes as follows, from a pocket shot from the right side all the pins scatter to the left and there can be a messenger that flys across the 7, maybe carrying the ten. If not the 6 pin is like a double or triple wrap and carries that ten pin. This is what I would call traditional striking power.

But this Primal. WOW. Same loud boom, but the ball finishes so differently. I think somehow the deflection is different. I see the ball come from the right and go straight after the 8 pin. The 8 pin even looks terrified. But thats not all, somehow the ball pushes all the pins back. almost like parting the seas down the middle, and then for the first time ever I get messenger pins from both sides of the lane, at the same time. They are what I call the clean up crew, taking out any leftover mis-spotted pins.
Turns out this double messenger thing is no fluke as it has happened multiple times.
Its weird, its wonderful. Its exciting. Great product.

PS. If you'd like to send me another PRIMAL Ill throw the drilling your suggest on it. I'd also be willing to send mine back if you think it would make a huge difference.

Justin, Thank you for your suggestions and spending the time !

Author:  JustinWi [ Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Justin Please help layout my primal for my arsenal

If it ain't broke, don't fix it :)

That is a common quality of the Motiv line, hit, carry, and great reaction.

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