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 Post subject: Help on short patterns.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:47 pm 

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I'm new to posting on the board more of a lurker. I currently having an extreme problem with a short oil pattern. I seem to have an over / under reaction no matter what I do. The best look I have is with my recon rx1 and its not great. Any thing stronger rolls out.Compounding the problem is that using a lower end ball my carry also suffers. My specs. are 15 mph and 375 rpm. I have 18 degrees axis tilt. Pap is 4 3/8" inches over no up or down. Being rev dominant I am unsure on how to correct my issues. There are other bowlers using high end equipment and killing it. How do i drill a ball to have something that will give me a chance. I feel like I am bringing a knife to a gun fight.

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 Post subject: Re: Help on short patterns.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:38 pm 

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I suffered from the same issues several years ago.

It depends on how short you're talking about.... First thing you need to do is take the pattern length and subtract it by 31.... For instance the boardwalk pattern is 35 foot long -31= 4. The four board is your target at 35 feet. That will give you the 3 and 5 as miss room with the right ball and surface.

Now as far as the short patterns around 33 to 36 I like to use medium to light oil balls and weak layouts and use surface to generate the amount of reaction I need. I've had a lot of success with my RX1 silver with the 6 inch pin to pap. I also just drilled a QZ2 black and blue with a 1 inch pin to pap. I took the surface to 800 and then polished it with a slip agent polish. That allowed the ball to clear the heads easy but not miss the midlane, and rolls off the friction smooth and not flip. A ball that flips on short oil will destroy your game. A benefit to using a medium light oil ball is it won't break your line down as fast and allow you to say squared up longer. That brings me to the last part. Do your best to learn to play up the gutter and stay out as long as you can. Even the Heavy handed Pros don't play super deep on short patterns.

My specs are close to yours but my tilt is a bit lower, and I won a turny last week on a 35 foot pattern with My QZ2. My RX1 is best used when the shorter patterns start to burn up.

I bet part of the issue is your RX1 is reacting too strong on the backend and not giving you enough midlane reaction. (Over under)

If you have a chance to practice on the short. Hit your RX1 with surface. Start with 1000 and work your way down until you start to get the midlane reaction your looking for. Try taking some hand out of it and even putting a bit of spin on the ball. This will help create length and smooth out the back as well.

Check out this video from last seasons sport league. I took video on the Boardwalk pattern. You can see by using the right ball and surface how much miss room it will give you. :)

I hope this helps, I'll try to take some video with the QZ2 on a short pattern soon.

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