MOTIV Has a Booth at Nationals This Year!

Since 2009, bowlers have been asking us if we are going to have a booth at the USBC Open Championships  - "Nationals".  Unfortunately, because of space restrictions, it just hasn't been an option until now.  Therefore, we are very excited to have a MOTIV booth at this 2013 event with Frankie May!

Frankie is a 5 time PBA Champion and well-respected pro shop professional.  He has been running a booth at Nationals for many years.  If you've bowled the event in the past, chances are you've met Frankie May.  This year, he will be running the booth along with PBA bowler Bill Ziegler and 3 time High Roller Champion Willie Wells.  Stop by and have one of these professionals drill up a MOTIV ball for you with one of Frankie May's "Perfect 3" layouts.
The booth will feature the full MOTIV product line including bowling balls, apparel, bags, and accessories.  If you will be in Reno, please stop by and take a look around.  


CONTEST: If you are bowling at either the USBC Open Championships or the Women's Championships, please enter our contest for a chance to win 5 bowling balls - 1 for each person on your team! It's very simple, just CLICK HERE.


Note: MOTIV will be sharing space with Linds and Visionary - the 2 brands that Frankie has worked with in recent years, and continues to promote.  MOTIV is a new addition to the product line offered at the USBC Open Championships.