Ernesto Franco

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  • Birth Date: 10/12/1973
  • 300 Games: 36
  • High Series: 838
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Ernesto Franco


My love for Bowling starts very early when I was just a small kid, my father was a bowler and he used to take me with him all over the place for his Tournaments.  When I was 14 years old and had several tries in many sports, I decided to take up BOWLING as my principal sport and hobby. Today, bowling is my living and done on a daily basis. I always tell people how great is to become a serious bowler and how marvelous this sport is.

I´ve been a MOTIV staff member since 2009, achieving my best results as bowler in this period of time.  I remember the Panamerican games finals in Puerto Rico (PABCON) playing against Chris Barnes, my performance was just great thanks to Motiv balls. In 2010 in Munich, Germany I got all events 6th place, and for the first time in my life in 2012 finally I was NATIONAL Masters champion in México. I am not pretty sure I could not have had these kinds of achievements with any other Company but MOTIV.


  • 2nd place World Trios

  • All event 6th place World Championships

  • 2012 Central America Champion

  • 2nd place Panamerican Games

  • 2012 Mexican National Champion