René Filor

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  • Home Town: Bielefeld, Germany
  • Birth Date: 9/27/1994
  • Throws: Right Handed
  • 300 Games: 5
  • 800 Series: 6
  • Ball Speed: 16 mph
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René Filor


The first time I saw a bowling center was a few days after I was born. My grandpa is the owner of our bowling center in town. I had a lot of hobbies growing up, but bowling was already a part of it.   At the age of 8, I had to decide what I wanted to do. It was an easy decision, because everyone in my family is a bowler so I was sure to follow them.

When I was 11 I became a single Junior Regional Champion. From that year on I won at least 3 medals every year.  This included 18 regional champion titles and 9 Junior National Champion. The first time I made it on Junior Team Germany was at the age of 13 and I am now a member of the U21 national team and am playing in our 2nd national league. 

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