Athlete Profile

Chris Loschetter

  • Home Town: Avon, OH
  • Birth Date: 5/24/1980
  • Throws: Right
  • 300 Games: 24 PBA
  • Career National Titles: 2
  • Career Regional Titles: 13
  • Career Earnings: $569,462

Chris is married to Erin and has a son, Emmett.  He is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, which means that he is also a huge fan of heartbreak.  



  • Won PBA Team Challenge
  • Finished 4th at the USBC Masters Tournament


  • 2013 Lucas Oil Wolf Open Champion
  • 4th Place at the Lucas Oil Bear Open
  • 5th Place at the US Open
  • 4th Place at the Cheetah Championship
  • 3rd Place at the King of Swing