Athlete Profile

Ryan Ciminelli

  • Home Town: Cheektowaga, NY
  • Birth Date: 3/7/1986
  • Throws: Left Handed
  • 300 Games: 11 PBA 300 Games
  • Career National Titles: 7
  • Career Regional Titles: 11



Since 2007, Ryan has competed on the PBA Tour.  He has won 7 PBA Tour titles, including on major championship and 9 PBA Regional titles.  Ryan is married to wife Chelsea, holds a degree in Construction Engineering and Project Management, and loves football.



  • PBA Xtra Frame Parkside Lanes Open Champion
  • Maine Shootout Champion
  • 2nd Place Barbasol Players Championship
  • 2nd Place Xtra Frame Storm Open


  • US Open Champion
  • Winner of the WSOB Viper Championship 
  • Xtra Frame South Point Open Champion


  • Winner of the WSOB Chameleon Championship


  • Won first PBA title by winning the One A Day Earl Anthony Memorial Tournament