Jodey Rees

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  • Home Town: Renton, WA
  • Throws: Right Handed
  • 300 Games: 14
  • 800 Series: 5
  • Ball Speed: 17 MPH
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Jodey Rees


 I have been bowling since the age of 4 and have bowled at least one league for 37 consecutive years. I have had the fortune to bowl at several different levels of competition over the years; from youth to college, city and state tournaments, local associations and even some PBA regionals all with pretty good success. During that time I have found that Doubles and Team tournaments are my favorite because it requires working together to reach the goal of winning. Which brings me to what I like most about bowling, the people I have gotten to meet and the great friendships that have formed. I look forward to opportunities and friendships that being a new member of the MOTIV team will bring.


  • 3x Seattle All Star (2011-2013)
  • 1 CWO Title (Doubles)
  • 1 IEBA Title
  • 1 Seattle City Title (Team)
  • ACUI Regional Individual Champion
  • WSU Bowling Team 1990-1991
  • Multiple Swiss Titles