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High Roller Win

High Roller Win

MOTIV Product: TX1

Accomplishment: I just won the High Roller Tournament (Over 50 Division) using my new MOTIV TX1. I literally got the ball drilled and put in my hands the day before leaving town. I started bowling in the tournament using some of my other equipment and had some success on fresh oil, but had difficulty controlling the breakpoint as the lanes broke down. This is when I decided to try my new TX1. It gave much better length and a controlled arc after the breakpoint. It smoothed out over under for me and carried very well on light pocket hits.

After the first day, I used the TX1 almost exclusively for the rest of the week. I qualified for match play in all three High Roller tournaments and cashed in on some other events also. I am very impressed with my MOTIV TX1 and look forward to trying new equipment from MOTIV.

Wally Kraus