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USBC Open 2013

USBC Open 2013

Name:Paul Gacek

MOTIV Product: Raptor Talon

Accomplishment: I got a Raptor Talon ball at the West Virginia State Bowling tournament as part of a raffle. They raffled off around 140 bowling balls in the tournament. I then Visited the MOTIV shop at Nationals and ended up buying Venom Toxin also. Worked with Bill Ziegler at the booth. Bill worked with me on the layout for my bowling balls. He ended up changing my hand positioning from what I had in the past - was told it was very unique to have a drilling this way. Did not sign up to bowl at Nationals this year, but was in town as part of the USBC convention, so ended up bowling doubles/singles only with another bowler that I traveled with. In the past 7 years at the USBC Open, my average was 169 for 63 games. For the 6 games in 2013, I ended up averaging 195, a 26 pin improvement. Cannot thank Bill and everyone at the MOTIV booth at the National Bowling Stadium enough. Ended up with my best series ever in any USBC Open.