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First Motiv=best Nationals

First Motiv=best Nationals

Name:Jermey Wolfe

MOTIV Product: Venom Strike

Accomplishment: I've never drilled up a Motiv before going to Reno in 2013. I met with Frankie May and his staff at the Motiv/Visionary booth and after looking through the equipment I brought we decided on a Venom Strike. My team bowled downstairs on the team shot and I had a great look outside second arrow. When we hit the lanes for competition the ball continued perform strong. I had originally planned to ball down as the Venom started to hook, but I didn't need to and was able to stay fairly straight. For minors I started a couple boards left of where I started in team. I was able to stay right longer than the rest of my teamies. Once again I had planned to ball down, but even as I started to drift left the Venom continued to carry extremely well. In the end I finished with a 2083 and left 20th in all-events, 50th in doubles, 60th in team and 109th in singles (701). I think I only left 4 ten pins the entire 9 games!  An absolute great experience with my first, and certainly not last, Motiv!