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Motiv Motivated my Game!

Motiv Motivated my Game!

Name:Corby Dixon

MOTIV Product: Raptor Talon

Accomplishment: I am Corby Dixon, from Salt Lake City, Utah! I started bowling with a roommate about two years ago, where we would go bowl about once a week with house balls! We probably averaged around 125 the both of us. The staff of the center talked us into joining a league and we thought that was a pretty cool idea!  Therefore, during the summer of 2012, we joined a thursday night league having no experience of how it works. After about a couple weeks in we realized that if we wanted to get better at the game we were going to need to step up from a house ball.  Dan Peterson was our man! We went and talked to him about some bowling balls, he suggested for a good beginner ball that I try the Motiv QZ2. Which got me up to a 165 average after my first summer league!  I thought to myself well this is awesome, if I can improve this much in a single summer I could do lots better! I have a super competitive nature that comes natural to me and I pushed myself to get a 200 average. That is why I joined the Union Pacific league at my center and after that league I got the leagues most improved player award! Raising my average up to 185! During that league I also hit up some competitions and tournaments, one of which I went to AMF Nationals in Vegas (which was my first tournament ever as well) and placed 12th. To even get to Vegas I had to compete in Oregon and my center of which I had to get first to even move on to the next round!  Through these tournaments I found some weaknesses I had, everyone around me had an arsenal and well I had myself one Motiv ball! Being able to beat a lot of them with my single ball was awesome! However it was not good enough for me I want to be able to beat everyone, so I went back to Dan Peterson and asked what ball should I get next? He suggested I pick the Raptor Talon, which was a big change from the QZ2! With this new ball I have now reached a high rev rate and an average of 200!  I am only in my 2nd summer League and have only been bowling, not even a full 2 years yet! I have achieved my goal of a 200 bowling average! My competitive nature continues on though, I want to be noticed and I will be noticed! :)  Thanks for reading my story everyone!
- Corby Dixon the next Pro Bowler!