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Out of Box 812

Out of Box  812

Name:Randy Thomas

MOTIV Product: Primal Rage

Accomplishment: Sent a 2 1/2in pin so I drilled it in the ring finger cg kicked out 1in weight hole on pap. 290 1st game 2 4 8 10 1st frame 2nd game 10 pin wiggle miss 6th frame miss 3 6 10 lazy throw. 3rd game 278 with a 9 pin in the 3rd and fill ball. No ten pins all night. I love this core. When they say if you miss it at the bottom it will still come back that is a fact. I'm getting older (45) day after I threw this and I sometimes I miss it at tha bottom and the ball just rolls right in the pocket. The only ball on the market that does this. Oh and it hooks more than any ball I have.