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PBA Sr Tournament Success

PBA Sr Tournament Success

MOTIV Product: SX1

Accomplishment: I competed in the PBA Sr. Regional this past weekend in Brookville, PA.  They had their Cheetah-type pattern out.  I mainly used a GT1 with pin under ring finger, cg @50 degrees, and shined up.  It worked awesome!  Also used my SX1 w/pin above my bridge, cg @ 45 degrees.  After starting +70 for the first 4 games of qualifying, I made some bad shots and moves the next 3  games that brought me down to +17 w/one qualifying game to go.  Got lines up with the GT1 and threw the front 10 to finish 288 and make the finals.  Next day, there was a little more backend reaction so I went with the GT1.  Beat the top qualifier, 3 games to 1.  Next match, was best of 3.  Lost first game, doubled in 9th & 10th to win the second game, and needed a double in the 10th to win the match in the 3rd game.  Buried the first one and got the strike, then buried the second one but left a ringing 10-pin.  Oh well!!   GT1 and SX1 performed excellently!   My Motiv stuff was smooth off the pattern and reacted very well.    

Bob "Mick" Michalojko