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My story

Name:Kye Shipley

MOTIV Product: Ascent Pearl - Red / Black

Accomplishment: Hello everyone... My name is Kye Shipley. I switched to Motiv 4 years ago when I first saw a Motiv ball at a PBA East Regional Tournament. I saw the hooking and hitting power that ball had. I ended up buying two balls shortly there after. I bought the GT1 and SX1. I started throwing both balls in January of 2010. Within the first month my average started getting higher and started shooting hire scores. I was averaging 215 and this was when I was 21. During the second month of using the GT1, I threw (3) 300 games in just 20 days, giving me a career total of 11 perfect games at that point. Forward to this past league season (2012-2013)..... I have a wide variety of Motiv bowling balls and have really come to know my game a lot better after bowling on a sport league. During this past season I threw (6) 300 games and (4) 800's with different Motiv balls. Moving my career total in perfect games to 21 and my 800 career total to 9. I had a stretch during January and February where I had 4 perfect games in 26 days (3 of which were in 18 days), along with (2) 800s in that stretch as well. Over the Summer, I bought 5 new Motiv balls (Tank, Sigma Hybrid, 2 Cruel, Ascent pearl R&B, and Raptor Talon), first night of league I shot 805 series with the Ascent pearl Red and black with games of 279,289, 237. My average from the time I was 21 to this past season has jumped to 239 in just a few years and this year is starting off good as well. I just turned 25 and planning next spring I am going to be bowling in the PBA East regionals full time instead of a tournament a year, and if everything goes well I will be going to the World Series of Bowling next year as well. Thank you Motiv for some of the best equipment out there