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robert coon

robert coon

Name:ed stomiany

MOTIV Product: Raptor Talon

Accomplishment: my story is not about me but about a bowler whom i have had the priviledge to have bowled with this past summer at The Alleys at Southshore in Riverview, Florida. Robert has recently, within the past year or so bowled at least 5 - 300 games and at least one 800 series, most within my presence. I was able to enjoy the one 300 this summer on the Thursday Battle of the Sexes League as a member of Robert's team when Robert used the Primal Rage ball, which was about one week out of the box. Robert also bowled a 700 series that night. I also experienced his 800 series against my team last fall on the Friday Fun Bunch League when Robert started with a 300 game and became more human throughout the night bowling a 267 in the second game and then a 249 game in the third for a 816 series using the Motiv Raptor Tallon. You should make Robert a spokesperson for Motiv. His other 300 games were also using the Motiv Bowling Balls.