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Won Grand Rapids Classic

Won Grand Rapids Classic

MOTIV Product: QZ1 Purple

Accomplishment: I recently won the Grand Rapids Bowling Classic, or as I like to call it, the King of the Hill. The tournament had a decent turn out of 56 bowlers and after the first three games of qualifying the cut score was low at 606.  I was able to get things going after starting slowly with a clean 208 game.  I finished with 269 and 215 to qualify second with 692.  This put me only 9 pins behind the leader.  The second block of games I started out quickly with 268 and follow up with 236 and took the lead by 27 pins.  The final set I stayed on course and shot 238 and 257 to win by 91 pins, averaging 241.5 over the seven games. 

Aside from 3 or 4 frames in game one where I used the SR2, my ball of choice for the tournament was the Purple QZ1 Quadfire.  This ball gave such an awesome reaction down lane I wish I could have filmed it.  This ball was made for this condition.  The ball has a 35 degree drilling, with a 30 degree VAL and a four inch pin.  It provided me with a predictable reaction and a very clean arcing motion on the back part of the lane.  I had the right ball in my hand at the right time!

Tony Buck