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First 300

First 300

Name:Bob Dunn

MOTIV Product: Ascent Pearl - Pink / Purple

Accomplishment: After giving up league bowling for 5 years, a good friend of mine (and rep for Motiv), got the old fires going for bowling again. Doug Barker got me into a league this year. In our 8th week, 10/25, I started out with a ball that held up ok in heavy oil but the lanes broke down quickly. Doug had got me hooked up with the Motiv Ascent pink/purple and said it should work great for just this situation. Boy did it!!  Pulled the Ascent out in the 10th frame of game 2 and never put it up. NEVER MISSED THE POCKET IN GAME 3.  Motiv will now be my go to equipment.  What a night!!! 300 game with a 740 series.  Motiv rocks!!!