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Venom Strike surpasses my highest series

Venom Strike surpasses my highest series

Name:Kevin Guzek

MOTIV Product: Venom Strike

Accomplishment: Began with my Sigma Tour during the first game and had 3 \r\n7-pins on the same lane for a 248 game.  Start of the second game I brought out my Venom Strike to use on the lane the ST was leaving those ringing 7-pins. Well the next time I threw the ST I left a 7-pin.  From that point forward this left hander used the VS on both lanes to finish with a 280 game. \r\nThird game I continued to strike until the 12th frame where I left an 8 pin for a 299 game. 31 of 36 frames were strikes!  248-280-299=827 series.  Thanks Motiv for the utlimate made in the USA equipment!  Kevin