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Strong Finish in South PBA Regional

Strong Finish in South PBA Regional

MOTIV Product: SR2

Accomplishment: I recently returned from competing at the South PBA Regional in Midlothian, VA and was the only participant throwing MOTIV brand equipment.  From the start of the tournament, the balls were strong.  We bowled on the scorpion pattern and while several bowlers were struggling, I managed to find a line that produced.  I started out with a box surface SR2 with a 4 ¾ pin from pap and the ball set up beautifully down lane and gave a very consistent hard backend movement that was more than reliable.  When the lanes began to transition in game 4, I moved to the Red QZ1 box finish with a 5 ½ pin from pap and continued on the same line the SR2 left off with.  I finished the qualifying round in 12th and the top 16 advanced to match play.  On Sunday, I started match play with the SR2 and all but ran over my first round opponent.  The SR2 held up for 2 games and then I finished with the Red QZ1 and a nice score of 273 to advance to round of 8.  My day ended at the round of 8 with an 8th place finish, but this was an eye opener for many who watched and were hesitant about MOTIV.  This line of balls is as strong as any I’ve ever thrown.  I bowl exclusively with MOTIV when competing in the South Region PBA events and I can tell you from experience, this line of equipment is definitely PBA STRONG!!!

David Schroeder