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858 with Sigma Hybrid

858 with Sigma Hybrid

Name:Richard Blackmon

MOTIV Product: Sigma Hybrid

Accomplishment: After having a discussion with Justin Wyman, I started using my Sigma Hybrid on my Wednesday night league. First night I shot 720 and felt accomplished. Short oil pattern, not a high volume of oil, and high revs always made me feel I needed something polished and drilled for length. Since he gave me the layout and knows Motiv equipment so well, I decided to follow his lead.  Last night, I fell one pin shy of Pensacola city record with games of 279-300-279 for an 858 series. Left a light seven pin to miss record but established new house record for Liberty lanes.  For anybody that doesn't believe Motiv is the way to go, hope you see the light now.  Thanks Justin for help and Motiv for being so strong