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Raptor Talon - 10 gamer - First 300 Game EVER

Raptor Talon - 10 gamer - First 300 Game EVER

Name:Jason Crist

MOTIV Product: Raptor Talon

Accomplishment: I have been a 190-210 average bowler for the last 5 years or so. I have carried the front 7 at least 20 times and never could finish out. 8th frame is my "scared" frame. I have a ton of 279 games, a couple 286 games and one embarrassing 291 game. Bowling in a tournament Jan 1st, 2014, game 7 I shot my first ever 300 game. I had 10 just about as perfect shots as could be. 8th frame I got the ball out and left the 7-10 but the 7 fell quickly and a bouncing messenger took out the 10. First ball in 10th goes a bit high and trips out the 4. The last 2 shots were perfect. Thanks Motiv for the great equipment to allow me to throw the best shots I have ever thrown