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Back to back 300 games

Back to back 300 games

MOTIV Product: GT1

Accomplishment: I have had a great season of bowling. This was our last week and it was roll off &  doubles on Wednesday. My goal for the night was to have a good time before nationals. Well, I had a good time. With less than two games on the MOTIV GT1 it was 12 strikes in a row! This 300 game was surreal. I have never used a ball less than 2 games and shot 300. This was quite unexpected. Interestingly, the story gets even better.

I am the 5th woman on Thursday and they needed me to bowl. It was roll off & doubles night again. We have 2 divisions, so we were rolling off for the division championship & the over all championship. The roll off is 2 games and we were 147 pins down after the first. I was lost. I bowled my worst game of the season. At this point, I said to the people with me, "What should I do?" They handed me the MOTIV SX1 and the strikes began. I could not believe it. Is it possible to bowl a 300 game two days in a row? Yes! There it was - another 300! The bowlers around me were saying, "What WAS that ball you were throwing?". Well, if they had not heard of MOTIV before, they have now.


Angela Wilt - Staff