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Tournament Success

Tournament Success

Name:Luke Rosdahl

MOTIV Product: Covert Revolt

Accomplishment: Drilled a Covert Revolt just last week to be my tournament ball on the fresh. Had a sweeper yesterday, and not only did this ball exceed my expectations, it shocked me. It was great through qualifying, but as we got into the bracket finals and the lanes began to dry up, I had a part of the lane no one else was able to play. I could play the middle of the lane where the oil was still at and get a good read and strong backend reaction. No one else could get their ball to rev enough from that angle to carry, and the outside was too burnt for them to create any angle. I ended up finishing 2nd after 15 games over 6 1/2 hours, and this ball has already paid for itself several times over. Looking forward to the Open Championships next week!