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Scratch Tournament Win

Scratch Tournament Win

MOTIV Product: QZ2 Black Blue Pearl

Accomplishment: This past weekend I took the opportunity to lace up the shoes and take to the lanes once more.  I competed in a regional-based scratch tournament in Columbia, SC.  The tournament was on the PBA Cheetah pattern so it was time to bring the striking game!  I started the tournament with the new QZ2 and had a strong line to pocket.  The ball motion was super smooth off the break point and helped me maximize my pin carry by controlling my entry angle.  After the 6 games of qualifying, I was +101 going into the match play portion of the tournament.  At this point the QZ2 was reading the lanes earlier than I needed and causing the ball to enter high so I quickly made the switch to the RECON.  This ball allowed me to pick up where the QZ2 left off.  My entry angle returned as did my pin carry.  I threw the last 5 in a row to edge out the win in the round of 4 and then moved to the championship match and never looked back.  Thanks MOTIV for giving me the tools to succeed and a special thanks to Amber for making it fun!

David Schroeder