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MOTIV Product: Primal TV4

Accomplishment: We have MOTIV Mania going on in Merritt Island , FL. I received the Primal ball on monday and drilled it for demo purposes. On wednesday, a junior bowler came in and asked if he could try it, as he usually does. The span is too long and the fingers too big, however, he goes out on the lanes prebowling for his league.  We have a standing bet that if he (Max Miller age 13) shoots a 300, I will give him a ball. He proceeds to shoot 290,239.  At this point he comes in the shop and asks if 800 also will win the bet. I say sure. He starts the last game with the front nine then leaves the 3,4,6,10 in the tenth. He has to make it to shoot 800, and does for 275 - 804 series! He is now the proud owner of a Primal.  It's a great story and his enthusiasm will sell many a Motiv. 

Ed Patterson