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Best Ball I've Ever Thrown

Best Ball I've Ever Thrown

MOTIV Product: Primal TV4

Accomplishment: I just got back from Nationals and I bowled in the 40 frame tournament held at Starlight lanes and shot a 1122, but the real news is I hit the Big Lucas and Big Whammy for a total of $4905.00. I was using my new Primal. I bowled this on April 13th and prior to that On April 11th in league in Greeley Colorado I shot a 268, 300, 269, 837 series with the Primal.

I am still the only one at that house using Motiv Equipment. After finishing the 40 frame I bowled nationals and bowled my second highest national total with a 610 in team, 719 in doubles and a 619 in singles. I used just the Primal on all three conditions, league, 40 frame and nationals and played numerous shots and the primal hit hard either going straight up the lanes and across them. This is the best ball I have ever thrown and it will continue to be the first ball out my bag regardless of the condition. Thanks Motiv for making such I great ball.

George Eason