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Unbelievable Versatility

Unbelievable Versatility

MOTIV Product: SR2

Accomplishment: I have been hooked on MOTIV since Novemer 22nd 2010. That day was the first time I ever threw a MOTIV ball. I drilled the MOTIV SR2 and proceeded to shoot 279, 300 and 300 for and 879 series. I was so taken back by the performance of that ball. The consistency that the SR2 has when going from house to house is astonishing. I signed with MOTIV in January of 2011 and have been averaging 240+ in 2 leagues. I am a very high rev rate player and the ease that I can got from ball to ball when lanes do change is amazing. I have never had this in my 30 yrs of bowling, the way the pieces of equipment fit together, really works. This USBC season I have had (7) 800 series, 5 since switching to MOTIV and (5) 300 games since switching as well. I have bowled in many tournaments with numerous top 20 and top 10 finishes as well as leading qualifying squads in various events. I am very excited to be a part of MOTIV right now, MOTIV is heading in the right directions in many areas. I would recommend MOTIV to any type of player.


Ted Pritts