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Love Motiv

Love Motiv

MOTIV Product: SX1

Accomplishment: I was very intrigued when I heard about your new bowling ball technology. I just had to try your equipment out. I was bowling in our City Tournament and not doing very well. So, reluctantly, I switched to my MOTIV SX-1. It was only my 4th game with the ball. I started with the ball in the 10th frame and struck out. My next game was a 300! I was surprised, to say the least, since I never bowl well with a ball until I at least get 9 to 12 games on it. Thanks very much.

I have drilled several balls for customers and all anyone tells me after they throw the MOTIV is that they LOVE the ball. One person won a local tournament one day after purchase. Another person won High School Regional Singles two days after purchase. And one more person threw a 300 in his third game with the ball in league. So you can see why they all LOVE MOTIV.

Ken Ottaway