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TX1 hits like a truck

TX1 hits like a truck

MOTIV Product: TX1

Accomplishment: I have been throwing the MOTIV TX1 for about two weeks now. The 1000 polished box finish was quite aggressive, so I tried a 4000 Abralon finish on the ball and shot a 702 series. (The 15 pound ball had leverage layout). After that experience I drilled up a 14 pound TX1 to go a bit longer (pin above ring finger) and in open play I had a 215. I took the surface to 2000 Abralon with a polish and had the front 6 for a 258. After consulting with the pro shop, I decided to try a 500 Abralon with a polished finish. The end result was bowling games of 269, 279, and 268 for an 816 series.

This ball has one of the most versatile coverstocks I have ever worked with and the thrust core compliments the cover. Thank you MOTIV for my 5th sanctioned 800 series.

Ted Boltz