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Most Consistent Ball Ever!

Most Consistent Ball Ever!

MOTIV Product: GT1

Accomplishment: Second week of bowling with my GT1 brought me a nice surprise!  First game I tossed was a 237.  Second game, while not really paying attention until after I shot it, was a 237.  Third game,  again not trying for it, 237!  Great triplicate, and my first one!  1st week in league for the fall season, 2 leagues on the same night, 277 shot in first the league and a 278 shot in the second.  Second week, 708 in first league and 706 in the second.  My average has moved from 210-214 last year to 226 summer (ending with Motiv) to the 230’s to start this fall!  Most consistent ball I have had in my hands in a long time!  Keep them coming Motiv!

Kevin Stahl