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I have been converted by the GT1

I have been converted by the GT1

MOTIV Product: GT1

Accomplishment: I am 60 yrs old and a PBA Seniors member. I do my homework on new equipment and the GT1 intrigued me . I read a few articles and when the PBA cleared it for use in tournaments, I figured I would give it a shot. 

I am a 217 average bowler and the conditions I shoot on are either dry, spotty or nonexistent, but over the years and my experiences, I have learned to adjust. The first night I pulled my GT1 out of the box just drilled with no games on it and the first pitch, I was impressed. I had it drilled with the leverage layout with the high track pin for max hook. Well the first game was adjusting, and shot a 246 (7 in a row with 2 8 pins), and then the second game the shot broke down fast and I moved left (right hander) about 5 boards and went 5 and 5 and shot a 247, third game was a tester. All the oil was gone. I was forced up against the ball return, and managed a 234. SO a 727 right out of the box with no adjustment to the ball. I was playing from 15 to 8 and back to start and  25 to 5 and back with some hand adjustment. Needless to say I caused a lot of conversation that evening, and I was in our pots and the GT1 paid for it's self 5 times over with its first 3 games. Great return on my investment.

What impressed me was that when the ball hit, the pins stayed low. I surprisingly left only one ten pin the entire set, a serious miracle in my house. The hitting power was awesome and the confidence the ball gave me was unbelievable. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the ball came back from almost anywhere. Great mid lane break and didn't over react from any of the positions I shot from. My pro shop owner is now looking for a distributor to order some MOTIV balls. Looks like I will have to invest in the TR2.  I have been converted to MOTIV.
Doug Shontz