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Making my Ascent

Making my Ascent

Name:Chris Mahaffey

MOTIV Product: Ascent Pearl - Pink / Purple

Accomplishment: My ascent pearl has really made the change on the lanes in my home house the last 5 weeks. I was throwing my primal scream and one night I let the ball go across 4th arrow. It never made it to the ten board and hooked left for a 3 count, so after that I gave up hooking across the lane in that house. Moved right grabbed the pink ball and straight up 8 I go. 709 612 707 612 770. The 770 were games of 235 279 stone 7 from a right hander and 256. Also between games 2 and 3 I threw my 6th Andy Varapappa 300 game. I hav to say though, I am glad to have the ascents in my bag.  They are the best two balls on a house shot ever.