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Flexibility in Motiv Raptor Talon

Flexibility in Motiv Raptor Talon

Name:Romeo Mercado

MOTIV Product: Raptor Talon

Accomplishment: I'm impressed at the Motiv Raptor Talon I've purchased from an online store. I started using it in practice and I enjoyed at the reaction of the bowling ball.  I started to do some testing and experimenting at what the bowling ball could do... I used different ball speeds in order to play different angles with this bowling ball. I was amazed that I was able to play deep inside angle, mid-lane angle and outside line in the pocket. I used faster ball speed for outside angle similar to Pete Weber's style in the ABC World Wide of Sports when he played the outside line as the bowling ball projected between the gutter and 1st arrow and in the back end the hook back was too aggressive into the pocket. And I tried to play mid-lane similar to a tweener style and was able to play this shot and I went in front of the ball return like how Robert Smith used to play deep inside angle and had to stand in front of the ball return.  I throw this ball in a medium speed and throw the ball between 3rd and 4th arrow to play a very sharp-angular hook.  I think this is the best bowling ball I've owned so far that lets me play different lines. The drill layout that Dustin S. from said I had a early layout drill for my bowling ball.