• Have you drilled a Trident Abyss? Leave a review in the comments below! 🌊🔱#GETMOTIVATED36View on Instagram
  • “It's absolutely amazing on those high volume, longer patterns. It's just going to eat right through the oil.” – EJ Tackett
    See the Trident Abyss in the hands of EJ Tackett, Graham Fach, and Mikey Schlabach! #GETMOTIVATED
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  • Drilled up this gem today! 💎 #GETMOTIVATED #Throwback #tbt12View on Instagram
  • "It doesn't matter what surface you have on this ball, it will always continue through the pins." Watch Graham Fach throwing the new Rogue Blade! 🔥#GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • We would like to congratulate Ryan Ciminelli on winning the PBA Angola Central/Midwest Open! Ryan is pictured here with his wife Chelsie and his son Jaxon! This is Ryan's 12th PBA Title! #GETMOTIVATED14View on Instagram
  • One of the most trusted cores in bowling is now being combined with a groundbreaking new cover in the Rogue Blade. Available 8-22, this strong, angular weapon for medium oil slices through the competition. The Rogue Blade masterfully combines outstanding control in the mid-lane with a powerful response down lane! #GETMOTIVATED
    Click the link in our profile to see more
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  • The Hydra has now been released world-wide for a week! Have you had a chance to throw it? Let us know what you think! #GETMOTIVATED22View on Instagram
  • Congratulations to Pontus Andersson on winning the San Marino Open! This is his second EBT Title! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Today is day one at the US Women’s Open! Good luck ladies! #TeamMOTIV #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • 300 game for Sean Lavery-Spahr at the PBA Lubbock Open throwing the Combat Tank! #GETMOTIVATED5View on Instagram
  • Casher’s Rd at the PBA Lubbock Open and EJ Tackett is currently sitting in 2nd place! He is currently throwing the Primal Rage LE #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • @mariajoserodriguezo bowls in the PWBA Louisville Open Stepladder Finals tonight at 5 pm ET on LIVE on XtraFrame! #GETMOTIVATED8View on Instagram
  • Go @nataliegoodman!!!! #Repost @ejt300
    Look who made the cut at the @pwbatour stop in #louisvilleky!!! I’m not the only one that can bowl 😎😎
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  • Less than a week away! The #REDBALL is back 6/13/2018! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation9View on Instagram
  • We are excited to announce the addition of Summer Jasmin to our PWBA staff! Summer is an incredibly talented bowler and we are proud to have her as a part of Team MOTIV! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation6View on Instagram
  • @ejt300 made his first PBA telecast with the original Primal Rage. Now the #REDBALL is back! Get yours 6/13/2018! #GETMOTIVATED22View on Instagram
  • Congratulations to MOTIV Staffers Donald Lee and Maria Jose Rodriguez on winning silver medals at the South American games in Bolivia! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Primal Rage LEs are heading your way! Who is picking up this limited edition release when it drops June 13th? #GETMOTIVATED12View on Instagram
  • Who’s pumped for more bowling on TV!? The PBA and Fox Sports have announced their 2019 television schedule, which features 30 telecasts and a new PBA Playoff Series! 🔥10View on Instagram
  • The #REDBALL returns! Five years ago, we released the Primal Rage. Immediately, the bowling world took notice. After winning a PBA title in the first event it was available, many more wins in both professional and amateur events followed. In celebration of the 5 year anniversary, the Primal Rage LE will be available 6/13/2018! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation21View on Instagram
    More info coming soon! #GETMOTIVATED
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  • It's release day for the new Freestyle Rush! Wow - that blue Shock tote bag matches up nice too! 😉11View on Instagram
  • Tomorrow, round one of the PBA Tour Finals will air on the CBS Sports Network at 10 pm ET! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
    The new Midnight Sniper utilizes TruShot™ Polythane technology, which provides the performance of polyester with the durability of urethane. #GETMOTIVATED
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  • Hey there MOTIV Queens! 👸 #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Round 1 of 2018 USBC Queens is underway now! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Filming with @ejt300 📹 #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Congratulations to Dick Allen and the Silver Lake Atom Splitters on winning their third PBA League Elias Cup Championship! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Watch Chris Loschetter and the Hitmen take on Dick Allen and the Atom Splitters in the PBA League Finals this Sunday on ESPN at 1 pm ET! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • The time is now to #GETMOTIVATED 🔥View on Instagram
  • What MOTIV ball do you think everyone needs to have on their rack? 🔥 #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation88View on Instagram
  • A new Freestyle Rush color option is coming this way! Releasing May 23rd, the Freestyle Rush retains more energy in high friction environments so it can deliver a stronger response down lane. #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Dick Allen and the Silver Lake Atom Splitters advance to the PBA League Finals where they will take on Chris Loschetter and the Philadelphia Hitmen! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • @ejt300 getting some quick practice in before the PBA Tour Finals! 🔥🔥🔥 #GETMOTIVATED22View on Instagram
  • This Friday and Saturday, EJ Tackett takes on 7 other PBA superstars to see who is crowned the Tour Finals Champion! 🔥 #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation12View on Instagram
  • Chris Loschetter and the Philadelphia Hitmen are moving on to the quarterfinals of the PBA League! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Today on ESPN at 1 PM ET, the PBA League Quarterfinals continue as Chris Loschetter and the Hitmen take on Ryan Ciminelli and the Portland Timbers! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Welcome back to the PWBA! Round 1 of the PWBA Las Vegas Open began today! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNationView on Instagram
  • Did you know you can bring your ball back to box finish using our Factory Finish Guide? Click the link in our profile to see more! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation6View on Instagram
  • Made in Michigan. MOTIVating the world! #MOTIVNation8View on Instagram
  • Congratulations to MOTIV staff member Pontus Andersson won the European Bowling Tour Masters Title! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Congratulations to MOTIV staff member Kyle Cook on winning his first PBA regional title! MOTIV staff members Chandler Stevens and Graham Fach took 2nd and 3rd place! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNationView on Instagram
  • PBA League qualifying begins today! Who's team is taking home the title? 🏆 #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNationView on Instagram
  • A new Freestyle Rush color option is coming this way! Releasing May 23rd, the Freestyle Rush retains more energy in high friction environments so it can deliver a stronger response down lane. Click the link in our profile to see more! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation7View on Instagram
  • ‪Dick Allen wins the PBA Xtra Frame Maine Shootout and his 5th PBA Title!!! #GETMOTIVATED‬View on Instagram
  • Dick Allen advances to the final four at the PBA Xtra Frame Port Property Maine Shootout! Match play continues tonight at 6:00 PM ET on Xtra Frame! #GETMOTIVATED8View on Instagram
  • Off to a good start at the PBA Maine Shootout! Tune into the action on XtraFrame #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • You can’t succeed if you don’t put in the work 🔥#GETMOTIVATED #MONDAYMOTIVATIONView on Instagram
  • Masters Match Play Day 1 - Highlights32475View on Youtube
  • Ryan Ciminelli defeated Jason Belmonte and Wes Malott in Masters match play. He continues his run in the winners bracket tomorrow at 9 am ET #GETMOTIVATED9View on Instagram
  • Check out some shots from today’s Masters qualifying! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Ryan Ciminelli led C Squad Qualifying this morning with a monster block to catapult himself up the leader-board and into match play! #GETMOTIVATED16View on Instagram
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