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The Jackal™ reigns supreme on heavy oil!  For over a half-decade the Jackal line of bowling balls has been the dominant force for heavy oil.  The latest addition to the line, the Alpha Jackal™ pushes the boundaries by providing more hook with the control and devastating continuation that you expect.    

Following the success of the Jackal Ghost, we decided it was time to provide bowlers with an updated, stronger, solid reactive cover on the Predator V2 weight block.  Featuring Coercion™ HV3 Solid Reactive cover stock, the Alpha Jackal™ is all about creating traction in places where the previous Jackals could not.  This is the strongest cover ever used in the Jackal™ line. 

The Predator V2 asymmetric weight block driving the Alpha Jackal™ boasts a very low RG and loads of differential.  This enables you to maximize both revs and track flare.  

Players looking for traction on heavy or long oil patterns need to have the Alpha Jackal™ in their bag.  Expect speed dominant players who already depend on the reliability of the Jackal line to fall in love with the added hook and control of the Alpha edition.    

Along with outstanding performance, the solid Alpha Jackal™ is an eye-catching combination of purple and blue that gets attention both on the shelf and on the lanes. 

  • Weight
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  • Weight BlockPredator™ V2
  • Cover StockCoercion™ HV3 Solid Reactive
  • Finish2000 LSS
  • Weight Range14, 15, 16
  • Length12
  • Backend17.5
  • Hook62
  • Flare Potential7"+
  • 16

    Radius of Gyration 2.48Max Differential .047Int. Differential .013
  • 15

    Radius of Gyration 2.47Max Differential .054Int. Differential .015
  • 14

    Radius of Gyration 2.51Max Differential .049Int. Differential .014
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Reviews 5.0 (Based on 38 reviews) Write A Review

  1. 02/10/2020
    Product Alpha Jackal
    From Cleveland, Ohio and Corning, New York
    About Me Motiv Staff
    Rating 5.0
    Anyone can throw this ball!

    This ball has done nothing but blow me away since I threw it the first time. MOTIV has done it again with the Jackal line creating yet another strong solid asym that maintains loads of traction through the front and mids and an insane amount of energy downlane. Of course with this being the smoother Coercion HV3 from the Trident Abyss and original Forge, it is going to be smoother than the Ghost, but for being such a stronger piece it is insanely versatile. I love my Alpha to Ghost pair. The two complement each other so perfectly. This is a ball anyone can throw and I truly believe that!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  2. 02/05/2020
    Product Alpha Jackal
    From Aurora, CO
    About Me Very Competitive tournament bowler
    Rating 5.0

    What can I say about this ball. This ball is by far one of the best balls I have ever thrown. This ball never stops moving, beautiful arcing motion. longer oil patterns fear this ball an absolute must have for any competitive tournament bowler.

    DO I recommend to a friend? I recommend 2. ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 02/03/2020
    Product Alpha Jackal
    From Waterford, MI
    About Me MOTIV Staff Player
    Rating 5.0
    Alpha Jackal Review


    The new Alpha Jackal is the latest release from MOTIV Bowling. Bringing together the same core that MOTIV fans loved from the Jackal Ghost with a much stronger cover that makes the Alpha Jackal the strongest bowling ever made from heavy oil from MOTIV. The Alpha Jackal brings back the Predator V2 core with the Corecion HV3 Solid cover stock gives players traction on heavy oil with high flare and just flat out hook on heavy oil makes the Alpha Jackal a must in anyone’s bag.

    Weight Block Predator V2
    Cover Stock Corecion HV3 Solid Reactive
    Finish 2000 LSS


    The Jackal Ghost is by far my favorite of the Jackal line. That ball just works on anything for me and still use it today when the time is right. However, The Alpha Jackal is starting to take the cake for me from this line. I love the shape it give my plus is just flat out hooks and doesn’t stop. It has bailed me out in tournaments as well as when I see over/under during league because it just bails me out. You want hook but also continuation without burning up then the Alpha Jackal is the bowling ball for you. High rev players will love this bowling ball because of what I just said. Medium to lower rev players will love this piece because they will feel comfortable moving in without the risk of leaving corner pins because of the continuation that Alpha Jackal provides.

    Likes: Flat out hook; continuation through the pins.
    Dislikes: None

    I recommend this piece for all types of bowlers

    MOTIV Staff Player,
    John Robertson

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 01/27/2020
    Product Alpha Jackal
    From St. Louis, MO
    About Me Motiv Staffer
    Rating 5.0
    The 8 Pin Doesn't Stand a Chance


    I got the required number of strikes to make my ball review video (generally I use 5-8 depending on what keeps it under 2 minutes) in under 5 minutes, so I kept the camera rolling and actually ended up with so many strikes that I could literally make a 1:50 video of me only throwing strikes after I edited down the initial 12 minute video.

    I’m editing the video as I write this, and I can tell you that this ball is running over the 8 pin almost every single shot as I rewatch them, and there’s a couple ways you can look at that; either I need to move left, or the ball doesn’t quit while going through the pins. Once the video is published, you’ll see that I eventually move about 10-15 by the end, and the 8 pin still has zero chance, so the ball might just be insane.

    My early experiences with this ball was that it was too much for everything we had on the machine to throw at it, it actually was too much for Route 66 at box, but looked awesome at 5500~. At that surface I was also able to use it on the house shot effectively.

    I took it back to a fresh 2k by resurfacer before shooting the video, then threw it on this year’s US Open 4 pattern after I got done shooting and made it look like a house shot, so that was pretty fun. No further surface adjustments before going front 8 in league on Thursday with it, so it seems that this one is also VERY surface friendly. All in all, this one’s pretty good!

    Jamison Peyton
    Motiv Staffer

  5. 01/25/2020
    Product Alpha Jackal
    From St. Louis, Missouri
    About Me MOTIV Staff
    Rating 5.0
    This is the ALPHA of the JACKALS

    Holy cow, this ball is amazing! Out of box at 2000 throwing on a fresh THS, the Alpha Jackal showed its true power. I was really surprised at just how smooth something that strong could be! The Alpha Jackal is definitely a ball for you if you need a strong, yet really smooth asymmetrical. I took the Alpha Jackal down to 4000 grit for the house I bowl in and shot back to back 250+ games in league. This is definitely a special piece in the bag. Not only can I score well bowling on the Dragon pattern, but I can score well on a fresh house shot. This ball is very versatile! Its a definite go-to when the lanes are fresh!

    I would recommend this to a friend


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