Golden Jackal

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The new Golden Jackal™ brings the legend of a pearl Jackal™ to life.  Providing more length through the oil, the Golden Jackal™ displays an impressive backend motion.  Never before has there been a Jackal™ with this kind of agility and speed!

The Golden Jackal™ features the latest Predator™ V3 asymmetric weight block to provide massive track flare potential and hooking power.  This technology also produces a very low RG so the Golden Jackal™ is easier to rev, making it more forgiving on heavy oil patterns than higher RG balls that may slip past the proper transition point. 

For generating powerful angle in high volume environments, the Hexion™ SE cover is incredible.  This Strength Enhanced version of Hexion™ technology produces outstanding down lane motion without sacrificing traction in the oil.  The factory finish on the Golden Jackal™ cover stock is 4000 Grit LSS.   

  • Weight
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  • Weight BlockPredator™ V3
  • Cover StockHexion™ SE Pearl
  • Finish4000 Grit LSS
  • Weight Range14, 15, 16
  • Length16
  • Backend18
  • Hook57
  • Flare Potential7"+
  • 16

    Radius of Gyration 2.47Max Differential .053Int. Differential .018
  • 15

    Radius of Gyration 2.47Max Differential .055Int. Differential .019
  • 14

    Radius of Gyration 2.50Max Differential .052Int. Differential .018
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Reviews 4.9 (Based on 66 reviews) Write A Review

  1. 10/26/2019
    Product Golden Jackal
    From Penang, Malaysia
    Rating 3.0
    Still to fine tune my average games

    Previously I used to bowl by using different brand from Motiv and since October I started to use this ball and am still trying to find the best way to fine tune my games. Current average all below 150 and will try my best to raise the total pin fall until it reach more than 200 averagely.

  2. 10/25/2019
    Product Golden Jackal
    From Minneapolis, Minnesota
    About Me 8 years in the military with United States Marine Corps, 6 kids, and love just about every sport out there.. After I got put the military I thought I should pick ball up with bowling where I left off.
    Rating 5.0
    Go to ball!!! Golden Jackal

    A great overall ball. Pin up is really angular and got another drilled pin down kicked out to smooth it out, and now I got two Golden Jackals I can throw on just about anything; love the ball!!!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 10/22/2019
    Product Golden Jackal
    From Lawton, Oklahoma
    About Me Proud Motiv Bowler
    Rating 5.0

    This ball is so clean through the lane and once it gets down the lane, there is nothing that will slow this ball down. Its Pearl cover gives it great length and consistent backend motion and the core has amazing punch down lane.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 10/22/2019
    Product Golden Jackal
    From Mt. Sterling KY
    Rating 5.0
    19 In a row

    I got my Golden Jackal a while back. Drilled with a 5 inch pin placement. This ball is as smooth as they come. Then it's like a mack truck.. threw 19 strikes in a row the other night between 2 games with a 299. Highly recommend this piece.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  5. 10/07/2019
    Product Golden Jackal
    From Plainfield, IL
    About Me Typical House Bowler
    Rating 5.0
    Love This Ball

    One of my favorite balls of all time. This ball is very smooth, has good length, quick reaction to friction and hits hard. I go for this ball when the lanes start to break down or at houses that are a little drier to start. Mine is drilled with pin centered on fingers and 2.75" right of center with the mass bass drilled out in the thumb.

    I would recommend this to a friend


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