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Something Sinister has returned to the MOTIV product line and is at the core of the new Villain.  Created to bring devastation on higher volume patterns, the Villain features an incredibly versatile Coercion MFS solid cover and the high RG asymmetric Sinister core.

In the shadows for years, the Sinister core has finally returned to give the powerful Villain easier length than any other asymmetric core in the MOTIV line.  Combining a high RG with loads of differential, the Sinister core enables the Villain to display impressive power and continuation down lane.

Cloaked in a new Coercion MFS Reactive cover, the solid black and blue Villain is powerful yet offers great versatility on medium-heavy lane conditions.  The 3000 Grit LSS finish provides a stable footprint while also allowing the Villain to retain enough energy to display outstanding continuation.    

The Villain offers incredible performance, versatility, and value.  It is the first asymmetric MOTIV ball ever offered below the premium price point and its versatile performance fits a wide variety of bowlers.  Adding to its versatility, the Villain responds very well to surface adjustments.  Take the finish down for a smoother motion on heavy oil or take it up to a higher grit for a moderate benchmark motion.

  • Weight
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  • Weight BlockSinister™
  • Cover StockCoercion™ MFS Reactive
  • Finish3000 Grit LSS
  • Weight Range12, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Length14
  • Backend17
  • Hook57
  • Flare Potential7"+
  • 16

    Radius of Gyration 2.53Max Differential .050Int. Differential .018
  • 15

    Radius of Gyration 2.54Max Differential .051Int. Differential .018
  • 14

    Radius of Gyration 2.55Max Differential .052Int. Differential .018
  • 13

    Radius of Gyration 2.58Max Differential .052Int. Differential .018
  • 12

    Radius of Gyration 2.64Max Differential .036Int. Differential .013
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Reviews 4.9 (Based on 19 reviews) Write A Review

  1. 08/30/2018
    Product Villain
    From Saint Charles, MO
    About Me MOTIV Staff - International
    Rating 5.0
    This Villain Sneaks Through The Pins In a Blink!

    My favorite Motiv Ball thus far? If I didn't like them all, this one felt like a must have out of the box!
    I can throw it on Fresh Flat, Fresh House Shot, Long Patterns, Medium Patterns, Burned House Shots, U.S. Open, you name it!

    I liked this ball so much that I have cleaned it many times more than any other equipment in my arsenal! It's just sick the reactions I can generate with this ball. Just like with the Trident Quest, I can throw it with different track angles depending on the how the lanes play.

    This is a MUST HAVE in my bag wherever I bowl.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  2. 06/02/2018
    Product Villain
    From Las Vegas, NV
    About Me Motiv Staffer
    Rating 5.0
    Can you marry a bowling ball?

    Core Type: Asymmetric
    Factory Finish: 3000 Grit LSS
    Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.54 (15lb.)
    Differential (DIFF): .051 (15lb.)
    Core: Sinister
    Coverstock: Coercion MFS Reactive

    My Stats:
    PAP: 5.125 Over, 1.125 Up
    Surface: 3000
    Layouts: 60x4.5x35 and 55x6x40

    Ball Reaction Video:

    The new Motiv Villain is something completely different than anything I've thrown before. Extremely strong, extremely versatile, and extremely deadly, I'm starting to think this ball could *possibly* be better than the Shock.

    I find the Villain with the 4.5 inch pin to be too strong for most of the house shots I bowl on, but I had a chance to throw it on a pretty high volume flatter pattern and it looked incredible. It gave me so much miss room and drove through the pins extremely hard. I drilled the Villain with the 6 inch pin later, after finding that the first was too strong to use in league after the first game a lot of the time, and saw a huge difference immediately. The flare rings were tighter, the ball was sharper, and it drove just as hard as the stronger Villain did on the higher volume shot. The ball falls right in between the Jackal Rising and the Forza SS in hook potential, but is quicker off the spot than both.

    If you’re looking for a stronger ball that you can throw on a lot of medium-high volume stuff, I’d pick one of these up pronto.

    Jamison Peyton
    Motiv Staffer

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 05/07/2018
    Product Villain
    From Olympia, WA
    Rating 5.0
    MOTIV VILLAIN-Coercion Outer Shell with the Sinister Core

    After rolling the new Villain, within a few hours, I had to order a second. I never had the chance to roll previous product with the Sinister core so I wanted to have two completely different layouts to visually compare how they would each read friction. WOW!!!
    The strong core in this ball allows several different layouts thus making it my most versatile MOTIV ball in my arsenal. The cover, medium friction, allows length even though the Sinister core is so strong. These balls come with an OTB surface of 3000 yet can easily be adjusted and this ball responds very well with surface adjustments.
    I used the first layout of 85x4.75x65 on a THS and wow was it stellar. I really liked how the first angle gave me the later read I was looking for while the second angle gave me a very smooth reaction off the back end. Once the lanes started to break down and the track was blowing up, this ball could move in and play inside of everyone else. It responded so well to friction and with the second angle being designed to control the off the spot motion, it gave me a predictable motion I could see. This ball stores its energy and keeps the pins low therefore allowing me to carry at a much higher percentage. The core allows this ball to be thrown at many different launch angles because the core is beastly!!
    The second layout is a 40x4x40. I wanted something to respond quicker to friction and create more angle off the spot. I throw the ball 19.5mph and have over 500 rev rate therefore this layout allows me to jump inside and get the ball right. It holds in the middle and can give me a great look on shorter patterns too.
    Coercion Cover with Sinister Core is a deadly combination on a THS and has the versatility on many different and challenging patterns. The ball responds to surface adjustments with ease, multiple angles gives this ball, for me, a high percentage of carry and a great ball to use during a complete block or night of league.
    James Turner
    MOTIV Staff
    I’d recommend you buy a new MOTIV 3 ball bag because being limited to one Villain is a crime.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 04/26/2018
    Product Villain
    From Grover, Missouri
    Rating 5.0

    Great through the midlane with strong backend. Great ball for $$$.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  5. 04/25/2018
    Product Villain
    From Waterford, MI
    Rating 5.0
    Villian Review


    The Villain is the latest release from MOTIV Bowling that has brought a return to the MOTIV line fans have not seen in few years. The Sinister core was a favorite of MOTIV fans and having it back should make you happy once again. Pairing the Sinister core with the Coercion MFS solid cover stock, this asymmetrical bad boy gives the Villain incredible versatility on the lane that you won’t see in most bowling balls. With good length, smooth reaction, and continuation through the pins, the Villain is a must in all bags.

    WEIGHT BLOCK Sinister
    COVER STOCK Coercion MFS Reactive
    FINISH 300 Grit LSS


    Back in 2012 when I first signed with MOTIV, one the first bowling balls I fell in love with was the 2Cruel. Loved the shape and versatility it game me on the lanes and had a lot of success with. When it was announced that MOTIV was coming back with the Sinister core, I couldn’t wait to get this rock n the drill press and out some holes in it. Soon as I threw my first few shots, it brought a tear to my eyeing and remembering the good times I had with that 2Cruel so long ago. What I love about the Villain is the versatility. I can play multiple angles on any lane condition and still have the confidence to strike. Medium to higher rev players will love the piece especially for that and lower rev players as well because you can start with straighter angels and as you move, you won’t give the pocket away and have the confidence to strike at will.

    Likes: Good length; retainable energy; most versatile bowling ball I’ve ever thrown.
    Dislikes: None

    I recommended this bowling ball to all types of bowlers.

    MOTIV Staff Player,
    John Robertson

    I would recommend this to a friend


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