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Infuse your game with angle with the Ripcord™.  Tuned to create as much angle and continuation through the pins as possible, the Ripcord™ is the ideal ball for generating incredible down lane motion on moderate volumes of oil.  When the oil in the front part of the lane is depleted and moving in to create angle is the only option, the Ripcord™ will create that angle with ease.

The latest development in coverstock technology, the Infusion™ Reactive cover gives easy length with incredible down lane motion.  This cover is tuned for today’s higher viscosity oils to provide length without risking the ball slipping through the breakpoint.

The Oblivion™ core is a finely tuned device for creating as much angle and continuation through the pins as possible.  Every component of this core is designed to help bowlers create down lane motion.  The high rg creates easy length.  The moderate differential ensures that the ball will not flare too little and miss the break point.  Added to this great rg/diff combo is a dynamic dual density component!  The massive flip block on the bottom of the Oblivion core only adds to the angle it creates.

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  • Weight BlockOblivion™
  • Cover StockInfusion™ Reactive
  • Finish5000 LSP
  • Weight Range12, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Length16.5
  • Backend18.5
  • Hook53
  • Flare Potential5"+
  • 16

    Radius of Gyration 2.53Max Differential .040
  • 15

    Radius of Gyration 2.53Max Differential .047
  • 14

    Radius of Gyration 2.54Max Differential .048
  • 13

    Radius of Gyration 2.60Max Differential .038
  • 12

    Radius of Gyration 2.65Max Differential .028
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Reviews 5.0 (Based on 25 reviews) Write A Review

  1. 09/26/2019
    Product Ripcord
    From Waterford, Michigan
    About Me Im a pretty avid bowler. I carry about a 220-225 average fresh out of high school. Been throwing Motiv for about 2 and a half to maybe 3 years now. I bought a paranoia for cheap off a buddy and that struck my love for the company!
    Rating 5.0
    Ripcord Greatness

    When the Ripcord was first announced, I could not have been any happier. With the Paranoia being my favorite ball of all time, them bringing back the Oblivion core and wrapping it in the all new Infusion Reactive cover stock, I was more than hyped for this ball. For me, the Ripcord is very clean through the fronts and has no fear of making the turn on the backend. Showing such amazing continuation through the pins, the Ripcord shortly found a way to be a first out of my bag on league nights. Haven’t had much opportunity to throw this on many sport conditions, but with such a smooth reaction off the friction, without a doubt do I think that the Ripcord would be a great ball on any condition of oil. Ripcord is definitely a must have in everyone’s bag!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  2. 09/25/2019
    Product Ripcord
    From Greenwood, IN
    Rating 5.0
    Simply Amazing Action

    I am absolutely in love with this ball. It is so smooth down the lane and then, at the last moment, it hooks in for the strike. Plus, as an added bonus, it comes in my favorite color, purple!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 09/25/2019
    Product Ripcord
    From Lincoln, Nebraska
    Rating 5.0
    Love this ball

    I had the awesome opportunity to demo this ball at a mega demo days, and I was very pleased with the overall motion of this ball and the way I was able to keep using this ball after the oil was broke down and this ball was also smooth off of the release... The Ripcord gets my 5 star approval for sure.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 09/25/2019
    Product Ripcord
    From Belleville, MI
    Rating 5.0
    Angles Among Us

    The Ripcord has become a staple in my bag and is a ball that I believe everyone needs. The skip flip motion that this ball provides is not only great for medium patterns and house shots, but it is great to see while throwing the ball. The Ripcord gives you that perfection benchmark motion while being a true skid flip ball. Watching this ball come scorching back from the friction on a house shot or sport patterns is a great feeling. Beyond that, when you have to move left to catch some more oil, the Ripcord has enough flip at the breakpoint to continue to go through the pins instead of burning out before the pocket. If you’re someone who loves to see the ball skid and flip down lane or need a ball in tournaments that allows you to move left but still come flying back from the friction; the Ripcord is here for you!

    D.J. Rose
    Motiv Staffer

    I would recommend this to a friend

  5. 09/25/2019
    Product Ripcord
    From Bismarck, ND
    About Me Motiv Regional Staff Member
    Rating 5.0

    WOW! Literally first words out of my mouth when I saw this ball turn the corner down lane. This ball to me is a much stronger and more angular Paranoia. If you had a Paranoia in your bag, you will surely like this piece. I am normally not a fan of the skid/flip reaction, but this ball for me is so consistent down lane that it is easy to control. The Ripcord is super clean through the front part of the lane, storing a ton of energy for when it sees friction. When it does see that friction, the ball literally pulls the Ripcord and turns the corner hard. Motiv has found a way to have this ball not sacrifice continuation through the pins once again, and this ball will surely be in my bag for tournaments and league season.

    I would recommend this to a friend


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