Merlina San Nicolas


Home Town: Texcoco, Mexico
Birthday: 1/24/1997


I started bowling at the age of eleven... Since then, I've been in love with bowling!

The first time I went to a bowling center was at a cousin's birthday party. My father saw an advertisement about a bowling school and he asked me if I wanted to learn.  I obviously said yes! Bowling has always been my passion; I can't imagine myself not bowling in the future! I have always thought that in bowling, it doesn't matter if you are small, tall, thin or chubby, you can always reach your goals with effort and dedication. To date, I am a part of National youth Mexico team and I work hard every day to continue being a part of it. 

The fact of having signed with MOTIV has been a MOTIVation to continue working hard, giving my best every time, overcoming myself every day and not only as a bowler, but as a person. I absolutely love bowling with MOTIV balls!

I'm finishing my last year of junior high and I'm about to start studying High School at Centro Universitario México. Baseball, Soccer, and Tennis are within Bowling, my favorite sports. Watching movies is my hit! I plan to study journalism and get a Master’s Degree in Film Criticism. 

High Series: 689



  • Singles 1st Place at Nationals in Mexico


  • Singles third place Nationals (Highest Game)

  • All events fourth place Nationals

  • Round Robin fourth place

  • Singles event fourth place Central American Games

  • All events eighth place Central American Games

  • Masters events Second place Central American Games 


  • Singles first place Mexican Olympic Games  

  • All events first place Mexican Olympic

  • Singles first place

  • All events second place Nationals

  • Singles first place Central American Games

  • Masters Final first place Central American Games

  • Mexican Youth Bowler of the Year


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