Brett Spangler


Hometown: Niles, OH
Birthday: 11/08/1981

Bowling didn’t really become one of my passions until I was in college.  I had a lot of hobbies growing up and bowling had not been a top priority.  When I returned to the game as a sophomore at Anderson University I absolutely fell in love with it.  For the next few years I practically lived at Cooper’s Sport Bowl and Mike Riggins’ Bowler’s Shop.  With Mike I was able to learn a great deal about the game and the equipment that we use.  I was given the opportunity to test bowling balls for the Bowler’s Journal ball review column and at that point really began to learn about ball motion. 

Following undergrad I went to Seminary in Anderson and met my beautiful wife, Shannon.  She is my best friend and greatest support.  Around the same time I started bowling PBA Regional events with help from my parents and coaching from my buddy Jeff Anderson.  I am truly blessed beyond belief.  At nearly every event I bowl I have family and friends supporting me and cheering me on; there’s no better feeling.

In 2009 I signed a regional contract with MOTIV Bowling and my life has only gotten better since then.  I was the first MOTIV staff player to win a PBA Regional in 2010.  When we product registered for the PBA National Tour I took on the role of “Staff Manager and PBA Tour Rep.” Over the course of the last three years I have been trying to create something different at MOTIV Bowling; a team rather than a staff.  The MOTIV team succeeds together, struggles together, learns together, and grows together.  As a bonus, with the support of the best company in bowling, I have also been able to learn as a bowler on tour.  I don’t think anyone loves their family, their job, or their coworkers more than I do.  Bowling and MOTIV have provided me such incredible opportunities; I just want to make the game and the people playing it better in return.

Away from bowling I spend a lot of my time volunteering at my church as the small group coordinator and youth leader.  I am also a huge fan of college basketball and football along with mixed martial arts.  I love to laugh, so I can’t get too much comedy.  I can’t get enough stand up, sitcoms, and funny movies. While I don’t have a favorite food, I’m addicted to heat.  I really enjoy spicy food.  My favorite bands are David Crowder Band, Fun, Vampire Weekend, Ben Folds, and Pete Yorn.

Throws: Left Handed
Favorite Layout: 60 x 5 x 30
Career Regional Titles: 1
Ball Speed: 17.5 mph
Rev Rate: 400


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